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ChouChou s Unit

I can kind of see that you guys are all very skilled.我算是看出来了,你们是个个身怀绝技。

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BepInEx pack for TABS. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.16
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Preferred version: 1.1.3


ChouChou's Unit - ChouChou的单位

This is a mod that consists of a number of units with great skills


Unit Name Map Description
Gladiator角斗士 Ancient2古代2 The more injured a gladiator comes out of the arena, the more his rage can be stirred.在竞技场中走出来的角斗士,越是受伤就越是可以激起他的狂暴。
Heavily Armored Dwarf重装矮人 Medieval2中世纪2 Heavily armored dwarves with powerful runic weapons.全身重甲的矮人,拥有强大的符文武器。
Dr. Plague瘟疫医生 Spook1亡灵1 A plague doctor from history who can summon his patients to help him in battle.从历史中走出来的瘟疫医生,可以召唤自己的病人帮助自己作战。
Fire Giant火巨人 Tribal2部落2 The mighty giant with the volcano on its back.背着火山的强大巨人。

Changelog - 更新日志

- 0.0.3:

  • Added multiple languages
  • Added new skills to Fire Giant

- 0.0.2:

  • Fixed incorrect map information. - 修正了错误的地图信息。

- 0.0.1:

  • Mod release. - MOD 发布。

Credits 成员:

  • Fhp Slime_Fhp史莱姆、Maker-00- Coder 程序
  • StarFan_老星辰 - Modeler 模型
  • Chou Chou_非主流臭宝 - Initiation and planning 发起与策划