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Unit Appearance Reset

Some of the units look normal right? Let me change them!一些单位看起来差点意思对吧,让我来改变他们!

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Unit Appearance Reset - 单位外观重置

A mod that changes the appearance of the original units, but doesn't change the attributes.


Unit Name Description
Jarl熊斧 The original Jarl looked like a weak cosplayer and I gave him a strong body!原版的熊斧像是一个孱弱的coser,而我给了他一个强健的身体!
Berserker狂战士 The original Berserker made heavy use of Jarl's clothes, which was lazy, so I opted to reset the Berserker!原版的狂战士大量使用了Jarl的服装,这是偷懒,所以我选择了重置狂战士!
Monk武僧 The Dynasty faction has always been the worst of the Asian stereotypes, with China, Japan & Korea being lumped together. And this is also true of one of the Japanese martial arts monks wearing tengu masks, which I have reset the appearance of the monks aside by referencing real Japanese monk soldiers from history.王朝派系一直是亚洲刻板印象最严重的派系,中国、日本与朝鲜被混为一谈。而其中戴着天狗面具的日本武僧也是如此,我参考了历史上真正的日本僧兵,将武僧的外观重置了一边。

Changelog - 更新日志

- 0.2.0:

  • Another unit has had its appearance reset. - 又有一个单位被重置了外观。

- 0.1.1:

  • Another unit has had its appearance reset. - 又有一个单位被重置了外观。

- 0.0.1:

  • Mod release. - MOD 发布。

Credits 成员:

  • Geezt- Coder 程序
  • StarFan_ 老星辰 - Modeler 模型