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Overhauled Mount Up with added features such as controllable flying

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Jötunn (/ˈjɔːtʊn/, 'giant'), the Valheim Library was created with the goal of making the lives of mod developers easier. It enables you to create mods for Valheim using an abstracted API so you can focus on the actual content creation.

Preferred version: 2.20.0



This is an almost complete rewrite of Mount Up from Koosemose.

Latest Update

Version 3.3.7
  * Added config option to not have block key to perform secondary attack
  * Added config to increase stamina regen multiplier for fed mounts
  * Added config option to override Lox and Asksvin stamina
  * Added better clearing of saddles when switching servers


  • Added mounting capabilities to any tamed creature
  • Modify where you are sitting on each mountable creature
  • There are multiple tiers of saddles, one for each biome with corresponding visuals to go with it
  • Can specify how much stamina each creature has
  • Easier adjustment and saving mounts in game
  • YML config file for easier and more compact mount configs
  • Can jump with creatures while riding them
  • If creature can fly then can takeoff and land and control creature in air
  • Can specify how much stamina is lost by creature when mounted and flying
  • If stamina runs out while flying and mounted will be forced to land back on ground and regenerate stamina
  • Can now attack when mounted using attack keys!

Saddle Recipes:

Tier ID Required Items Crafting Station
Meadows SaddleT1 6 Leather Scraps, 4 Deer Hide, 2 Hard Antler, 10 Dandelion Workbench lvl 1
Black Forest SaddleT2 6 Troll Hide, 4 Deer Hide, 4 Bronze, 3 Ancient Seeds Forge lvl 1
Swamp SaddleT3 15 Deer Hide, 10 Ancient Bark, 6 Iron, 10 Guck Forge lvl 2
Mountain SaddleT4 6 Wolf Pelt, 4 Deer Hide, 2 Obsidian, 5 Silver, 10 Freeze Gland Workbench lvl 4
Plains SaddleT5 6 Lox Pelt, 4 Deer Hide, 4 Black Metal, 1 Lox Trophy, 5 Tar Forge lvl 3
Mistlands SaddleT6 15 Scale Hide, 6 Obsidian, 6 Yggdrasil Wood, 10 Sap, 3 Eitr Workbench lvl 5
Ashlands SaddleT7 10 Lox Pelt, 2 Morgen Heart, 6 Flametal, 5 Tar Forge lvl 4
Deep North SaddleT8 20 Wolf Pelt, 10 Scale Hide, 1 Iolite, 50 Freeze Gland Artisan Table lvl 2

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the main file with a mod manager or manually place the DLL file in the plugins folder.
  • Run the mod to create a config file and YML file
  • Add prefab names to YML file or copy/paste mount configs from the wiki
    • By default only adds mounting to Wolf and Boar
  • Modify the config file meldurson.MountUpRestored.cfg in your config folder

If you want to share the configs or see what others have done for configs you can go here

Setting Up Mount Instructions:

  • To add a new creature to be mountable from scratch the first step is to add it to the YML file
    • To add a creature to the MountList, add the prefab name to a new line followed by a colon ":" such as for a Drake, the prefab name is Hatchling
    • Hatchling:
  • When you encounter this creature for the first time the full config will be completed written and attempt to stick the saddle to the correct part of the creature
    • The mountpath is the bone of the creature that the saddle will be stuck to.
    • When loading the creature for the first time, it will output the mountpath to the Bepinex window along with other alternatives it has found.
      • You can copy/paste these alternatives into the mountpath of the yml if you want to change the bone the saddle is stuck to.
  • To modify the location of the saddle and where the player sits (as by default it most likely will not be in the correct position) you will have to enable adjustments in the config
  • In the config meldurson.MountUpRestored.cfg set Enable Adjust Custom Mounts = true
  • Now once you are in the world with adjustments enabled you will need to attach a saddle.
    • The default saddle tier of a config is tier 5 (Plains Tier)
    • You will need to use the correct tier saddle on the creature, and it will then equip the saddle on the creature
  • The Tiers are 1-8: Each tier corresponds to a biome (1:Meadows,2:Black Forest,3:Swamp...etc)
  • The saddle tier specifies what visual saddle you want and has an item to go along with it. If you want to overwrite the item that is used you can set the customSaddle to a specific tier such as:
    • Dragon:
          saddleTier: 4
          customSaddle: 6
    • This will give Modor a tier 4 (Mountains) visual saddle but require a Tier 6 (Mistlands) saddle to be used as the saddle item
    • You can also specify another item by prefab name such as:
    • GoblinBrute:
          saddleTier: 5
          customSaddle: SaddleLox
    • This will give Fueling Berserkers a tier 5 (Plains) visual but you will use a standard Lox saddle as the item
  • If you want a more traditional simple saddle you can set the saddle tier to 0 (this will be default add the saddle item to be Tier 5 Saddle)
  • There is a possiblity you cannot see the saddle in its current location, or you can see it but cannot mount it, in this case you can use Alt+E to force mount the saddle (I reccomend enabling god mode before this as it does not check distance and can cause damage)
  • Onced mounted can now enter edit mode (controls at top of screen) and move the saddle and mount point and rotate the both saddle and mountpoint
    • It is reccomended to cycle controls to rotate first
    • Once you want to save the current location and rotation you can with Ctrl+S which writes it to the YML file
  • Currently you cannot change the scale of the saddle when editing in game, you have to edit the scale in the YML
  • To reload the YML file, logout and log in
  • Due to scaling issues, you may need to reload and adjust the forward/back once or twice for it to scale correctly with different levels of creatures


Version 3.3.7

  • Added config option to not have block key to perform secondary attack
  • Added config to increase stamina regen multiplier for fed mounts
  • Added config option to override Lox and Asksvin stamina
  • Added better clearing of saddles when switching servers

Version 3.3.6

  • Added compatibility with RRR and WackyDB
  • Fixed creatures drowning once you get off with 0 stamina
  • Removed console spam when recipe has more than 4 requirements
  • Added flight compatibility with other mods that allow jumping

Version 3.3.5

  • Fixed issue with saddles not working without AllTameable
  • Added option to not have tames drown if run out of stamina in the water

Version 3.3.4

  • Added patch to make sure recipes with more than 4 ingredients cycle pages
  • Added shared content with AllTameable so patches only run once
  • Made custom saddles modify the correct saddle tier descriptions
  • Modified later stage recipes

Version 3.3.3

  • Updated to Ashlands Valhiem version 0.218.15

Version 3.3.2

  • Updated to Valhiem version 0.217.46
  • Added attack while mounted!
  • Added ability to toggle if mounted attack is possible

Version 3.3.1

  • Added 9 options for saddle visuals with each in line with a biome
  • Added 8 recipes, for tiers 1-8
  • Added ability to specify custom item to be used to add saddle to creature
  • Set descriptions for each saddle to include all creatures that it can be used to mount
  • Fixed, "PrefabName" showing up in item description

Version 3.3.0

  • Made config YML based and Server Sync
  • Made all existing configs automatically convert into YML format
  • Made flying up/down less intense on smaller flying creatures
  • Added UI for controls for editing the mounting position
  • Added ability to rotate while editing in game
  • Reduced logs related to "Setting Saddle"
  • Can no longer accidentally move saddle and mount point too far away
  • Some slightly larger creatures no longer slide in place

Version 3.2.11

  • Fixed errors due to Valheim updates
  • Added flying and jumping

Known Issues:

  • Scaling with size of creature is not perfect, for best results adjust mount on a 0 star creature
    • If using All Tameable with DNA traits enabled, either disable traits for adjusting mounts or find a 0 star creature that is close to 100% scale
  • Hatchlings are not meant to land in vanilla so if you do land a hatchling the animation is a little off
  • When flying there is some visual jittering of the creature
  • When attempting to mount a saddle far above your head, you might take fall damage
  • If a creature is too big it will just slide and not be able to run

Future Plans:

  • Have many more tiers of saddle
  • Have more visual models of saddles
  • Ability to specify custom saddle items (for recipe, not for visual)
  • Allow for attacking while mounted
  • Fix fall damage issue


The most reliable way to reach out would be to ping me in the Valheim Modding Discord under @Meldurson or dm me on Discord.