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Phoenix Wright Mod

All DLC item displays added and quality of life change.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

bbepis-BepInExPack-5.4.9 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.9
tristanmcpherson-R2API-3.0.59 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 3.0.59


Phoenix Wright, The Ace Attorney

Adds Phoenix Wright to Risk of Rain 2, based off his moveset in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Network Compatible

Created by BokChoyWithSoy. Help me out for bugs and issues by contacting me on discord: BokChoyWithSoy#3842


Passive: Turnabout

Whenever you hit an enemy with Press The Witness while holding a decisive piece of evidence, gain a stack of turnabout, if you have 50 stacks of turnabout, Phoenix will enter turnabout mode, permanently empowering Phoenix's skills.

Primary: Throw Evidence

Stunning. Agile. Throw a random piece of evidence, junk will deal 200% damage and decisive evidence will deal 400% damage.

Turnabout Primary: Take That!

Stunning. Agile. Summon a giant hand which travels in a line, dealing 400% damage.

Secondary: Press The Witness

Stunning. Press the witness, dealing 400% damage. Gain turnabout if you have decisive evidence.

Turnabout Secondary: Objection!

Freezing. Raise an objection, dealing 600% damage.

Utility: Fall

Stunning. Fall forward on your face gaining 300 armour and dealing 200% damage. You cannot be hit during the fall. Gain an extra charge when In turnabout mode or reset the skill if you have decisive evidence.

Special: Order In The Court!

Stunning. After a short delay, a giant gavel falls from the sky dealing 700% damage. You cannot be hit for 2 seconds. Double the range and damage and weaken enemies if you are in turnabout mode or have decisive evidence.

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  • 1.8.0

    • Added all DLC items to Phoenix item displays.
    • game now plays a sound effect when decisive evidence is in your primary slot.
    • Fixed an issue where the throwing sound effect could not be heard.
    • Fixed an issue where the voice line for Phoenix's turnabout activation could not be heard.
  • 1.7.4

    • Fixed an issue where the achievements did not work with the most recent update.
    • All projectiles should be visible to all players.
  • 1.7.3

    • Turnabout music is now centred on the player.
    • Order In The Court! now generates dust particles.
  • 1.7.2

    • Turnabout music should be heard by all players now.
    • Fixed an issue where turnabout music would play upon getting a stack of turnabout.
  • 1.7.1

    • Fixed an issue where you could not hear some sound effects.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not see some animations.
    • Fixed an issue where jumping and using your secondary would collide with yourself.
  • 1.7.0

    • Added item displays for the base game.
    • Reduced the proc rates of "Objection In The Court!"
    • Fixed an issue where Fall did not give player invincibility or armour.
    • Fixed an issue where you could earn achievements on any character.
    • Fixed an issue where the turnabout music was not centered on player character.


    • Turnabout Order In The Court! proc rate 5 > proc rate 2
    • Turnabout Order In The Court! Invincibility buff 2 sec > 1 sec
  • 1.6.2

    • Fixed an issue where the achievement was lagging out the game.
  • 1.6.1

    • Fixed an issue where you could earn achievements on any character.
    • Fixed an issue where secondary skill would collide with the player model.


    • Throw Evidence duration 1s > duration 0.75
    • Take That! 600% dmg > 400% dmg
    • Press 600% dmg > 400% dmg
    • Turnabout Press 800% dmg > 600% dmg
    • Fall 300% dmg > 200% dmg
    • Order In The Court! 1000% dmg > 700% dmg
    • Turnabout Order In The Court! 2000% dmg > 1400% dmg
    • Turnabout Order In The Court! 50m > 40m
  • 1.6.0

    • Added new skin.
    • Added new Achievement.
    • Fixed running animation snapping to another point.
    • Fixed jump animation snapping to another point.
  • 1.5.2

    • Changed running animation
    • Fixed an issue where turnabout gavel would hit allies and self.
  • 1.5.1

    • Secondary skill now will collide with the floor when aimed at the floor.
    • Added the ability to cancel other skills into special skill.
  • 1.5.0

    • Added new skin.
    • Added new achievement.
  • 1.4.5

    • Forgot to reset turnabout stacks to 50 like a dumbass.
  • 1.4.4

    • Achievement issue has been fixed and mastery achievement has ben reenabled.
  • 1.4.3

    • Fixed an issue where the mod was infinitely loading in the loading screen.
  • 1.4.2

    • Added a config which allows for the adjustments of stacks need for turnabout mode. (credits to AcCodo)
    • Fixed network issue where Attorney's special was not applying the invincibility buff.
    • Attorney's utility and special skill is now upgraded when entering turnabout mode.
    • Turnabout skills now display the right name and description when hovering over them in game.
    • Turnabout skills now slightly change in appearance.
  • 1.4.1

    • Forgot to change stacks needed for turnabout mode back to 50.
  • 1.4.0

    • Updated mod with work with Survivors of The Void DLC.
  • 1.3.0

    • Knife primary now applies a bleed stack.
    • Phone primary now applies a shock stack.
    • Secondary will now grant multiple turnabout stacks depending on the amount of enemies hit. (Thanks to Slat on discord for implementation)
    • Secondary config will allow for turnabout to only increment by one. (for people who want a harder challenge)
    • Utility will now reset its cooldown if you have decisive evidence.
    • Special will now have double range and damage and weaken enemies if you have decisive evidence.
    • Updated skill descriptions to reflect skill changes.
  • 1.2.6

    • Added config option to reduce SFX and Voice volume.
    • increased the range you can hear SFX (lowered way too much last update.)
  • 1.2.5

    • Primary attack now stuns briefly.
    • Empowered primary now bypasses armour.
    • Empowered secondary now bypasses armour and freezes.
    • Increased the sound effects volume again (People please stop playing ROR2 on full volume it's not healthy.)
  • 1.2.4

    • Forgot to revert decisive evidence needed for turnabout mode when testing.
  • 1.2.3

    • "Throw Evidence" no longer does absurd knockback.
    • "Take That" no longer does absurd knockback.
    • Turnabout music can now be heard omnidirectionally.
    • Phoenix's death sound can be heard mapwide (Cause it's funny).
    • Significantly reduced the range you can hear Phoenix's voice lines.
    • Significantly reduced the volume of all sound effects.
  • 1.2.2

    • Fixed an issue where Phoenix's voice lines would play in the menu when you picked Sett from the Sett mod (Thanks to Lemonlust for figuring it out)
    • Turnabout music may now be heard by all players in the lobby.
  • 1.2.1

    • Added death animation.
    • Fixed a bug where "Press The Witness" would fire multiple particles in multiplayer.
    • Fixed a bug where "Order In The Court!" would fire multiple times in multiplayer.
    • Increased the size of the hitbox of "Fall"
    • Increased the duration of "Fall" making more consistent to hit.
  • 1.2.0

    • Added mastery achievement.
    • Added mastery skin (find out what it is.)
    • Increased the range of "Order In The Court!"
    • Increased the proc rate of "Order In The Court!"
    • Increased the proc rate of "Press The Witness"
  • 1.1.2

    • Increased the projectile size of primary attack to improve hitbox consistency.
    • Increased the projectile size of the turnabout primary attack to improve hitbox consistency.
    • Turnabout stacks now reset in multiplayer when starting a new run.
    • "Order In The Court!" now makes the character invincible for a short duration to enourage use of it without dying immediately.
    • Added the ability to use "Press" while using your primary fire.
    • Added symbols to primary icons to make them colourblind friendly.
    • Improved the throwing animation to make it look a lot less scuffed.
  • 1.1.1

    • Reduced the volume of all voice and sound effects.
    • Reduced the range in which you hear voice and sound effects.
    • Added keywords to skill descriptions to make them easier to read.
    • Changed in game character name to "Attorney" to conform better with the naming scheme of the game.
    • Gaining a stack of turnabout will automatically reroll into junk evidence so you may no longer roll into another decisive evidence.
    • Increased projectile speed of "Take That!".
    • "Order In The Court!" now screen shakes for effect.
    • Increased duration of armour and invincibility for "Fall" to increase survivability.
  • 1.1.0

    • Added sounds all of Phoenix's skills.
    • Added sounds when gaining turnabout stacks.
    • Added music when you enter turnabout mode.
  • 1.0.2

    • Fixed a bug where switching levels reset the empowered primary and secondary skill to the base states.
    • Fixed a bug where turnabout stacks did not reset upon starting a new game.
  • 1.0.1

    • Fixed a bug where turnabout stacks were not working if you were not the host of the game.
    • Fixed a bug where your primary attack did not shuffle to a new item if you were playing muliplayer.
  • 1.0.0

    • Initial Release

Future Plans

  • Implement new skills
  • Add stand alone scepter support
  • New skins
  • New achievements
  • Clean up the atrocity that I call code

Known Issues


  • Rob's HenryMod -> prevented me from experiencing excruciating pain
  • Lemonlust -> bug fixing and code from Sett mod.
  • Capcom -> Model & Texturing
  • Mixamo -> Animations
  • TheTimesweeper -> Hitbox viewer was extremely helpful
  • KingEnderBrine -> I love you for making the item placer helper.
  • TeaL & Ethanol 10 -> Other members of Popcorn Factory who helped me out.
  • The vast amount of Vtuber streams I watched while coding which kept me sane.

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2022-5-11 1.8.0 16153 Version 1.8.0 Install
2022-4-29 1.7.4 4238 Version 1.7.4 Install
2022-4-15 1.7.3 5262 Version 1.7.3 Install
2022-4-6 1.7.2 6179 Version 1.7.2 Install
2022-4-6 1.7.1 332 Version 1.7.1 Install
2022-4-3 1.7.0 1890 Version 1.7.0 Install
2022-3-28 1.6.2 3397 Version 1.6.2 Install
2022-3-28 1.6.1 178 Version 1.6.1 Install
2022-3-25 1.5.3 2145 Version 1.5.3 Install
2022-3-21 1.5.2 2739 Version 1.5.2 Install
2022-3-20 1.5.1 1196 Version 1.5.1 Install
2022-3-18 1.5.0 1810 Version 1.5.0 Install
2022-3-14 1.4.5 2475 Version 1.4.5 Install
2022-3-14 1.4.4 37 Version 1.4.4 Install
2022-3-12 1.4.3 1698 Version 1.4.3 Install
2022-3-11 1.4.2 1083 Version 1.4.2 Install
2022-3-7 1.4.1 2162 Version 1.4.1 Install
2022-3-7 1.4.0 54 Version 1.4.0 Install
2022-2-1 1.3.0 8703 Version 1.3.0 Install
2022-1-24 1.2.6 3605 Version 1.2.6 Install
2022-1-23 1.2.5 714 Version 1.2.5 Install
2022-1-18 1.2.4 2624 Version 1.2.4 Install
2022-1-18 1.2.3 65 Version 1.2.3 Install
2022-1-16 1.2.2 1677 Version 1.2.2 Install
2022-1-15 1.2.1 769 Version 1.2.1 Install
2022-1-13 1.2.0 1187 Version 1.2.0 Install
2022-1-12 1.1.2 738 Version 1.1.2 Install
2022-1-8 1.1.1 2273 Version 1.1.1 Install
2022-1-6 1.1.0 1197 Version 1.1.0 Install
2022-1-5 1.0.2 915 Version 1.0.2 Install
2022-1-4 1.0.1 1227 Version 1.0.1 Install
2022-1-3 1.0.0 619 Version 1.0.0 Install