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Add progression to your runs with skill upgrades

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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.4.29
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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

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Risk of Rain 2 - Skills++ Mod

Skills++ adds skills upgrades that can be purchased as your character levels up throughout a run.

Table of Contents

What's new in 0.1.0


  • Fixed mod to work with changes in the game's 1.0.0 release.
  • Added support for controllers to spend skill points. Button is rebindable in gamepad options.
  • Added support for other modded characters to integrate with Skills++.
  • Added console command to disable Skills++ for chosen survivors. This is for all of the Sniper players out there.
  • Removed limits on upgrading skills.
  • Reduced the rate of acquiring skill points to one per 5 levels.
  • Changed percentage/multiplication compound the scaling. As an adjustment some scalings have been pulled back to compensate.
  • Removed Blinding Assault cooldown reduction now the mechanism is core to Mercenary's loadout.
  • Changed UI to show the upgrades as a number rather than as multiple '+' symbols
  • Removed MUL-T's swap duration reduction scaling in favour of a new equipment cooldown buff.

Full historical changelog


While ingame your will earn points every third level gained that can be used to purchase upgrades to your characters skills.
Your first skill point is earned upon reaching level 5, and subsequently rewards every fifth level.
To redeem points open the info screen (hold TAB by default) and click the skill you would like to buy.
Upgrades do not carry over between runs so you will be starting from scratch every time.

  1. When you have levelled up enough to buy a skill the icons will change to have a yellow border.

  2. Opening the info screen will present 'Buy' buttons over the top of skills that can be purchased.

  3. Clicking on any of the 'Buy' buttons will spend a single point and the skill will upgrade.


Using controllers is now support for purchasing upgrades for your skills.
In order to begin using it you must bind your desired control to entering the buying mode.
You can find the binding at the end of all the gamepad controls.

While ingame just press and the bound button and activate the skill you sish to upgrade.

> NOTE: Mutliplayer is possible but not support. There may be cases when game state is not correctly synced between connected clients.

> NOTE: This mod is still a work in progress. There is no guarantee that SkillsPlusPlus is going to work with other mods thats alter character abilities. If you have found a bug refer to Report a bug.

Upgrade descriptions


Skill Description
Double Tap Double tap +20% rate of fire and +15% recoil reduction per level
Phase Round Phase Round +30% damage and +30% projectile velocity per level
Phase Blast Phase Blast +30% bullets fires and +20% blast range per level
Tactical Dive Tactical Dive Grants +0.75 seconds of invulnerability per level
Tactical Slide Tactical Slide Grants +0.75 seconds of bonus attack speed per level
Supressive Fire Supressive fire +30% bullets fired per level
Frag Grenade Frag Grenade +20% explosion damage and +20% blast radius per level


Skill Description
Strafe Strafe +20% range and +20% proc chance per level
Flurry Flurry +10% range and +1 arrow fired per level. Crits fire twice as many arrows
Laser Glaive Laser Glaive +1 bounce, +10% damage, and +10 units of bounce range per level
Blink Blink Grants +1 second per level or full crit time
Phase Blink Phase Blink Grants +0.5 seconds per level or full crit time
Arrow Rain Arrow Rain +25% area of effect and +20% damage per level
Ballista Ballista +1 bullet and +20% damage per level


Skill Description
Auto-Nailgun Auto-Nailgun +20% damage and +4 bullets to final burst per level
Rebar Puncher Rebar Puncher +20% faster wind up and +20% damage per level
Scrap Launcher Scrap Launcher +1 stock, +20% damage, and +15% blast radius per level
Power-Saw Power-Saw +20% rate of fire, +20% damage, and +30% blade hitbox size per level
Blast Cannister Blast Cannister +3 child bombs, +20% spread radius, +20% child blast radius, and +20% damage per level
Transport Mode Transport Mode +10% duration, +10% speed, and +30% damage per level
Swap Swap Upon activating gain +1 second of bonus attack speed and +1 second equipment cooldown per level


Skill Description
Bouncing Grenades Bouncing Grenades +1 and +2 to the minimum and maximum grenades fired per level
Pressure Mines Pressure Mines -10% arming time, +20% damage, +20% blast radius, and +20% trigger radius per level
Spider Mines Spider Mines +30% activation range and +20% damage per level
Bubble Shield Bubble Shield +15% duration and +15% size per level
Thermal Harpoons Thermal Harpoons +1 harpoon ammo, +20% damage, and +30% targetting range per level
TR12 Gauss Auto-Turret TR12 Gauss Auto-Turret +25% enemy detection range and +10% damage per level. +1 deployable turret per two levels
TR58 Carbonizer Turret TR58 Carbonizer Turret +15% damage, +25% proc chance, and +10% rate of fire per level. +1 deployable turret per two levels


Skill Description
Flame bolt Flame bolt +2 stock and -10% stock recharge time per level
Plasma Bolt Plasma bolt +2 stock and -10% stock recharge time per level
Charged Nano-Bomb Charged nano-bomb +20% damage and +10% max charge time per level
Charged Nano-Spear Charged nano-spear +20% damage and +10% max charge time per level
Snapfreeze Snapfreeze +30% wall damage, +15% wall duration, and +20% wall length per level
Flamethrower Flamethrower +20% range, +25% flame radius, and +20% damage per level
Ion Surge Ion Surge +25% damage and +30% area of effect per level


Skill Description
Laser Sword Laser Sword +20% damage, and +15% attack speed per level
Whirlwind Whirlwind +25% damage and +25% larger hitbox per level
Rising Thunder Rising Thunder +25% damage per level. +1 stock per two levels
Blinding Assault Blinding Assault +20% damage, +0.5 seconds extra delay before reset
Eviscerate Eviscerate +30% chain range, +15% attack speed, +10% proc chance per level
Slicing Winds Slicing Winds +20% attack speed and +20% damage per level


Skill Description
Knuckleboom Knuckleboom +1% barrier gained and +20% damage per level
Grapple Fist Grapple Fist +30% hook range per level.
Spiked Fist Spiked Fist +15% hook range and +20% damage per level
Charged Gauntlet Charged Gauntlet +10% max charge, +20% base damage, and +15% velocity based damage per level
Thunder Gauntlet Thunder Gauntlet +15% damage and +20% cone range per level
M551 Pylon M551 Pylon +20% damage, +20% range, and +20% rate of fire per level


Skill Description
Vicious Wounds Vicious Wounds +20% normal damage, +25% combo finisher damage, and +15% attack speed per level
Neurotoxin Neurotoxin +20% damage, +30% projectile speed, and +30% blast radius per level. +1 stock per two levels
Ravenous Bite Ravenous Bite +20% damage and +1 stock per level
Caustic Leap Caustic Leap +20% blast damage, +30% acid pool damage, and +20% acid pool size per level
Frenzied Leap Frenzied Leap +25% blast damage and +15% refunded time per level
Epidemic Epidemic +5 infection bounces, +20% infection range, and +20% on hit damage per level

Found a bug?

Bugs can be raised through the project's GitLab issue tracker.

The issue template has a section for the actual behviour observed, what you expected, and a sequence of steps to reproduce the bug.
Filling out the bug template as much as possible is incredily helpful if the bug is obscure or occurs seemingly randomly.
Screenshots are welcome.
Bug fixing can be difficult sometimes so the more information provided the easier it is to fix and release.

Have a suggestion?

If you have a suggestion you can log it through project's GitLab issue tracker.

The best way to reach me is directly through discord, you can find me on the modding community discord. I cannot guarentee responding to any pings in the discord.


Will Skills++ support modded characters?

Yes. There is support for third party code to integrate with the Skills++ system. Guides are available here alongside the mod's source code.

Skills++ makes the game a cakewalk. Do you recommend any other mods to balance the game?

I'd highly recommend harb's Diluvian Difficulty mod. It adds a new harder difficulty to the game that should level the playing fields a bit more.

Special thanks

A very special thanks to the following people. They have been amazing people providing feedback and bug reports for the mod

  • K'Not Devourer of Worlds
  • Maxi
  • TEA

Available versions

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2020-5-6 0.0.4 638 Install
2020-5-4 0.0.3 485 Install
2020-5-2 0.0.2 634 Install
2020-4-30 0.0.1 524 Install