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Crystal Burden

Adds a set of lunar items into the game

By Kalkune
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This mod requires the following mods to function

bbepis-BepInExPack-5.3.1 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.3.1
XoXFaby-BetterAPI-4.0.1 icon

A simple API implementation

Preferred version: 4.0.1



Adds Crystal Burden Variant Set into the game, which has six new lunar items in it, with each giving a buff and a debuff to different base stats.


Vale-X on RoR2 Modding Discord for the models and icons frog time on RoR2 Modding Discord for the logbook entries


Thank you for everyone that helped me in the RoR2 modding discord. Thank you Vale-X for modeling and making the icons for Crystal Burden Variants Thank you frog time for the logbook entries for the Items and Equipment

Known Issues

If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions, please dm on Discord or ping me on the RoR2 Modding Discord at kalkune


  • Two new items and one new equipment are planned




  • Fixed issue breaking multiple interactables


  • Fixed Scrappers not scrapping items


  • Added Driver Item Displays
  • Added Toggle Cleanse into Pearls to allow Variants to be cleansed into Pearls again
  • Fixed breakables automatically breaking on stage start
  • Fixed transformation notifications showing original item on both sides


  • Added Deputy Item Displays
  • Fixed code that caused multiple issues to appear


  • Changed several config descriptions to be easier to read
  • Added Lore for Items and Equipment
  • Cleansing Pool Changes
  • Added Paladin Item Displays
  • Survivors now accelerate and decelerate at reasonable rates with large amounts of Variants
  • Fixed Higher Tiered Void Items only giving out 1 Variant per Item instead of the correct amount


  • Updated for Patch 1.2.3
  • Added Railgunner and Void Fiend Item Displays
  • Fixed needing HookGenPatcher to be installed


  • Updated for Survivors of the Void DLC Update


  • Cleansing Pools now doesn't take Burden Variants, rather than disabling itself if you have a Variant
  • Decreases the chance to get Variants once you hit a certain amount of Variants
  • Lunar Variants now give more Variants per item for Higher Tiered Items
  • Added MEL-T Item Displays
  • Fixed Variants only needing half the amount of items set in the config to get to max size
  • Fixed Panic, Rancor, and Torpor Item Displays on Heretic
  • Fixed Item Displays breaking when getting Variants for the first time in other ways beside picking it up


  • Flipped the luck value for the "Toggle Luck Effect" config and added a config to set as flipped/unflipped
  • Changed "Toggle Luck Effect" config to be true by default and toggled to true, it will not turn back to true of you set as false again
  • If Change Chance/Drop Chance goes above 100%, give an extra drop per extra 100%, will have a limit in the config in the future
  • Fixed Rancor's Lunar Item Description Damage Percent having an extra 5 in it


  • Added SFW Version, all items and equipment are now SFW with Item and Equipment Icons and Models for everything
  • Fixed errors occurring on dedicated servers and causing players to be invulnerable
  • Fixed being able to get other red items when enemies drop command cubes on death with Command Artifact enabled
  • Fixed compatibility issues with AutoItemPickup and any other mod that would have the same issue
  • Burden effects shield instead of health with Transcendence
  • Added Equipment Icon for Gamble and temporary icons for Gamble's buff and debuff
  • Her Gamble now requires the buff/debuff from it to be gone before be able to use it again
  • Re-added the chance to get Gamble's debuff if Burden Variant debuffs are disabled to prevent having Gamble's buff all the time
  • Chance to get Gamble Buff decreased by 10% to 80% and Chance to get Gamble Debuff increased by 10% to 20%
  • Only Variants appear in command cubes when Command and Her Curse Artifacts are enabled
  • Item descriptions now reflect config values
  • Added Her Gamble equipment display
  • Size Multiplier config now goes based of how many Variant is needed to get to max size
  • Variants now are more powerful when Curse Artifact is enabled
  • Added Her Curse Icons
  • Re-enabled Toggle Variant Drop Count and fixed some issues it had with Artifact of Command
  • Her Gamble buff and debuff now only effects Variant stats and not survivor base stats
  • Her Gamble is now the only equipment that drops if Curse Artifact is enabled


  • Made sure to update the internal version number to 1.4.6
  • Fixed blacklist not working that caused softlocks in certain situations
  • Changed coding on how Variant Item display size gets set
  • Changed Variant Shown on Survivor config to Variant Size Increase
  • Add Variants are now shown on survivor


  • Removed dependency on EnigmaticThunder and switched over to BetterAPI until I can get Her Burden working as a standalone mod
  • Properly disabled Toggle Variant Drop Count config so it won't affect gameplay
  • Fixed console spam after picking up the Variant shown on survivor if Item Display is turned on for modded survivors
  • Fixed multiplayer issue with 3d Printers not taking the correct player's Variants on use
  • Changed how the config is sorted, make sure to delete the old one and let a new one generate
  • Added a config that allows other Her Burden Variants to affect the Item Display size
  • Renabled Item displays and added item displays into vanilla Bandit and Heretic


  • Fixed Her Burden to work with the Anniversary Update
  • Removed dependency on R2API and switched over to EnigmaticThunder until I can get Her Burden working as a standalone mod
  • Temporarily disabled Item displays via code until I can get them working again, you won't need to enable them again once they're fixed
  • Temporarily disabled Toggle Variant Drop Count config until I can get it working again
  • Fixed Her Burden Variants item icon stuck on one artist while ignoring the config
  • Fixed spelling in Her Burden Variants item discriptions
  • Added a config that allows other Variants to increase the item display scaling
  • Added Beads of Fealty to the blacklist for future updates


  • Removed extra code that broke multiple things
  • Properly implemented the Artifact of Her Curse blacklist


  • Added Artifact Key to the blacklist when the Artifact of Her Curse is enabled so you don't get softlocked


  • Fixed "Item" and "Equipment" being put in chat when pickups are spawned in


  • Fixed Her Burden Variant item display scaling from breaking after reviving via Dio's Best Friend
  • Changed Her Burden Variants and Her Gamble item descriptions to match what's selected in the config
  • Added the Artifact of Her Curse which turns all item drops into Her Burden Variants


  • Fixed Toggle Item Visibility permanently being disabled, make sure to enable it again
  • Fixed Forgive Me Please causing console spam and lag on use with Her Burden Variants debuffs disabled


  • Fixed Her Burden dropping an extra item with Variant Debuffs enabled
  • Her Gamble now switches to regular equipment if Debuffs are disabled


  • Fixed items not being able to be picked up with certain configs
  • Removed last update Her Gamble changes that decided if it could drop or not as it was causing lag issues


  • Removed an unused empty list
  • Now removes additional Her Burden Variants from the Lunar drop pool when Toggle Variant Drop Count is disabled
  • Her Burden is now directly change into itself or Variants when dropped if Toggle Variant Drop Count is disabled
  • Mechanics for Her Burden item changing should be working as intended now
  • Removed the chance to get Her Gamble's debuff if Her Burden Variant debuffs are disabled, chance to get Her Gamble buff is the same
  • Added Artifact Key to the blacklist so you don't get softlocked
  • Her Gamble now only appears once you obtain a Variant and if you don't already have one equipped


  • Fixed the chance for enemies to drop Her Burden Variants due to being linked to the wrong config
  • Added a config that combines Her Burden Variants item drops into one item drop, reducing the overall chance of finding a Variant


  • Fixed Her Gamble buffs and debuff incorrectly increasing/decreasing Her Burden Variants buffs and debuffs
  • Cleansing Pools are no longer disabled if you have Her Burden Variants as legendary items
  • 3D Printers now work as normal if Her Burden Variants are legendary items
  • Her Burden Variant scaling should work correctly in the bazaar
  • Fixed the Her Burden Variant size issue on Acrid for the stage you picked it up on
  • Added the ability to disable luck on Her Burden Variants as legendary items


  • Fixed a set of if statements that caused multiple issues in game


  • Compressed code/made it look nicer/removed extra code
  • Fixed spelling mistake in config
  • Fixed when it said Her Burden instead of Her Burden Variants in the config
  • Changed how Her Burden Variants drop when they're legendary items, they now have a chance to drop on enemy death
  • Added an equipment into the game called Her Gamble


  • Added a config to toggle if the debuff are active or not
  • When the debuff is disabled, changes all Her Burden Variants into legendary tier, and reduces the pickup chance by 90%


  • Fixed the console from being spammed when Her Burden is removed from the inventory somehow
  • Fixed "Test" being put in chat when looking at a Cleansing Pool with Her Burden in your inventory
  • Added a config to decide what Her Burden Variant to show as an item display
  • Added a base +5 armor the Her Recluse with the usual 5% buff after


  • Her Burden Variants now change other pickups to Her Burden Variants
  • Last Her Burden Variant when using the printer won't always be Her Burden
  • Having any Her Burden Variant will disable the Cleansing Pool


  • Changed how the config is organized, recommended that the old config is deleted
  • Changed the Thunderstore Icon
  • Added five new lunar items into the game as Her Burden Variants
  • Added a config that toggles if you get the original item drop along with a Her Burden Variant
  • Cleansing Pools no longer are useable if you have Her Burden
  • Printers remove a random Her Burden Variant on use and gives a random Variant back afterwards
  • Added a new material for Her Burden Variant Set models, changeable using the same config as before


  • Fixed the original icon so it looks better and isn't stretched anymore
  • Added a new icon for the Her Burden item and added a config to swap between the old one and the new one


  • Added the choice to either have the model enabled or disabled in config
  • Added the choice to either have luck effect pickup chance or not in config


  • Fixed a mixup of default values with stats
  • Made the config look nicer and neater


  • Added configs to the game


  • Fixed "Test" being put in chat when advance to the next stage


  • Fixed size increase not applying on new stage until item pickup
  • Fixed fps drop/game freezing when played with certain mods
  • Item effects are now in the item description


  • Fixed the item stats not being applied
  • Item increases in size when more Her Burdens are collected


  • Base Release

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2023-11-18 1.5.9 6927 Version 1.5.9 Install
2023-11-14 1.5.8 3907 Version 1.5.8 Install
2023-11-11 1.5.7 3750 Version 1.5.7 Install
2023-5-3 1.5.6 37974 Version 1.5.6 Install
2023-4-30 1.5.5 1624 Version 1.5.5 Install
2022-4-24 1.5.4 41829 Version 1.5.4 Install
2022-3-5 1.5.3 11144 Version 1.5.3 Install
2022-2-25 1.5.2 3118 Version 1.5.2 Install
2021-11-29 1.5.1 12711 Version 1.5.1 Install
2021-10-19 1.5.0 7031 Version 1.5.0 Install