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Replaces Risk of Rain 2 music with tracks from Persona 3. (Music used from all versions of Persona 3 and the movie)

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.3.1
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A mod that allows you to play Risk of Rain 1 (or any) music in place of the normal soundtrack.

Preferred version: 1.2.0

Replaces Risk of Rain 2's Music with Tracks from Persona 3

--[Songs Used]--(AS OF VERSION 1.0.3)

/Location /Replacement Song\

Splash Screen - One Determination

Outro - Brand New Days

Intro - Nyx

Title - Brand New Days The Beginning

Bazaar - Mistic

Lobby - Burn My Dread

CrystalWorld, EclipseWorld, Logbook - Polonian Mall

Distant Roost - Thebel Block

Titanic Plains - Darkness

WetLand Aspect - Arqa Block

Abandoned Aqueduct - Unavoidable Battle

Rallypoint Delta - Yabbashah Block

Scorched Acres - Tziah Block

Abyssal Depths - Deep Breath

Siren's Call - Harabah Block

Sky Meadow - Adamah Block

Moon - Determination

ArtifactWorld, Arena - Mass Destruction Lotus Juice Remix

MysterySpace - Interstice of Time

Limbo - Mass Destruction FES Version

Gilded Coast - Harabah Block

Normal Stage Bosses - Mass Destruction,Mass Destruction (FES), Mass Destruction Lotus Juice Remix,
Mass Destruction Atlus Kitajoh Remix, Burn My Dread

Gilded Coast Boss - The Battle For Everyone's Souls

Artifact, Arena, Limbo, Moon Boss - Burn My Dread Last Battle

--MANUAL INSTALL--(I dont use a mod manager)

PUT THE DLLs, SETTINGS.XML, AND ALL MP3s IN Risk of Rain 2\BepInEx\plugins\OriginalSoundTrack


It's really easy if you want to add your own music. The settings.xml file will have a tutorial about it.


[1.0.3] Sundered Grove now has music

[1.0.2] Changed Intro track to Nyx, Lobby to Burn My Dread, Scorched Acres area to Tziah Block, Siren's Call area to Harabah Block.
Normal Stage Bosses now have New Music. Most of them are Mass Destruction but different versions of them. Burn My Dread has
been added to the boss on Sky Meadow.

[1.0.1] Added longer versions of the tracks for less awkwardness ingame (has a much bigger file size)

[1.0.0] Initial Release


If you have anything you'd like to say or suggest my discord is Karsley#2909.

I can only do music right now, so if you want me to make a music mod from
another OST or whatever just let me know.

Available versions

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2021-2-21 1.0.1 269 Karsley-Persona3SoundTrack-1.0.1.zip Install
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