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Stages module for Entropy. Tweaks stage balance and adds new stage interactions. Configurable

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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API for adding custom elite types

Preferred version: 1.0.3
RiskofThunder-R2API_Prefab-1.0.3 icon

API for Prefab creation, networking and duplication

Preferred version: 1.0.3


Entropy Stages



What is Entropy?

Entropy is a larger mod I'm planning that'll be divided into modules instead of having everything packed together so people can download the parts they want and I can release parts early.

Known Issues (multiplayer)

  • Crystal objective doesn't show up for clients
  • Crystals have no collision for clients (but can be destroyed)
  • TP crystal effect isn't removed after completion for clients (but can be interacted with)

Stage Additions

  • Simulacrum stages have been reworked and added as side stages like void fields
  • There's a 25% chance for a void rift to appear on stages with a simulacrum variant
  • The stage will have one-fourth of the interactable credits
  • The stage's teleporter will be locked behind crystals
  • The stage has extra enemy credits (7.5%) (increased/stronger enemies)
  • The stage will have voidtouched elites added to the pool
  • Time is NOT stopped on the void stages
  • Stage number IS progressed
  • 1 void suppressor is guaranteed to spawn in these stages

Stage Balancing/Tweaks

  • Fixes Roost 1 not having a guaranteed newt altar
  • Makes Alloy Worship Unit's special CD start at the end of the ability
  • Increases Plains/Roost interactable credits from 220 > 230
  • Reduces Siphoned interactable credits from 300 > 290
  • Large category chest swap: Forest damage > healing, Plains healing > damage
  • Increases Wetland interactable credits from 280 > 320
  • Adds Clay Templars to Aqueduct
  • Removes lunar pods from Aphelian to prevent phantom credit loss
  • Large category chest swap: Acqueduct damage > healing, Wetland healing > damage
  • Reduces gold barrel spawn rate by 40% on pools
  • Increases gold barrel spawn rate by 20% on acres
  • Reduces drone spawn rate by 50% on RPD
  • Increases time on RPD chest from 10 > 12
  • Large category chest swap: Acres damage > healing, Pools healing > damage
  • Enemy swap: Pools alpha > hermit crab, Acres beetle > lemurian beetle guard > apothecary, RPD vermin > alpha construct
  • Boss swap: Pools xi > worm, RPD dunestrider > xi
  • Abyssal reduces bonus interactable credits 160 > 80
  • Sirens and Grove interactable credit increase 400 > 430
  • Sirens and Grove small/large chest weight decrease by 10%
  • Sirens large multishop weight increase by 20%
  • Sirens reduces shrine/drone weight by 50%
  • Sirens AWU special (shield) CD starts when the ability ends
  • Grove adaptive chest weight increase by 30%
  • Large category chest swap: Abyssal damage > healing, Sirens healing > damage
  • Enemy swap: Sirens larva > lemurian, Abyssal crab > larva, Grove larva > alpha construct
  • Boss swap: Grove dunestrider > grovetender vagrant > xi
  • Enemy swap: Sky Meadow alpha construct > vulture
  • Boss swap: Sky Meadow xi > magma worm
  • Reduces Gilded Coast beacons to 4
  • Reduces Moon pillars to 2
  • Reduces Void Locus "pillars" to 2



  • Fixed guaranteed rift chance bug
  • Added config for rift spawn chance
  • Added vanilla stage balancing and tweaks
  • Added config to toggle stage balancing/tweaks


  • Fixes multiplayer not working at all
  • There are still some small consistency errors but they'll be addressed for 1.0
  • Reduced extra enemy credits by 2.5%


  • Rework
  • Void stages are similar to void fields, advances stage and time progresses
  • Adds 25% chance for a "tear" to appear after TP on vanilla versions of the void stages
  • Reduced interactables significantly (1/4)
  • Reduces extra enemy credits to 10%
  • Removes extra suppressors (only 1 guaranteed)


  • Adds void suppressor
  • Removes 3rd bazaar seer
  • Removes guaranteed newt
  • Added printers back to corrupted stages
  • Increases bonus enemy credits 10% -> 20%
  • Reduces initial monster spawn credits


  • Fixes the mod not working


  • Release

Available versions

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2023-11-20 0.9.9 2948 Version 0.9.9 Install
2023-11-18 0.9.6 538 Version 0.9.6 Install
2023-11-15 0.9.5 682 Version 0.9.5 Install
2023-11-13 0.9.2 589 Version 0.9.2 Install
2023-11-12 0.9.1 390 Version 0.9.1 Install
2023-11-12 0.9.0 133 Version 0.9.0 Install