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Wish your mobile engineer turrets made you painfully aware of how hard they are drifting? Well now they will!

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This plugin is a client-side plugin. When in multiplayer, only players that have this plugin will hear the music. (doesn't matter who is playing Engineer).

What this plugin does

Engineer's alternate turrets (the mobile Carbonizer turrets) will loop a sample of Deja Vu by Dave Rodgers when they are moving fast. The faster they are moving and the more goat hooves they have, the louder the effect.

It is as silly as it sounds.

Demo video (youtube):

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- 3.0.0  (Latest)
	- Updated for new modding framework
- 2.0.0
    - Reworked plugin from server-side to client-side, meaning that any player can enjoy it without the host needing to have it.

- 1.1.0
    - Added optional support for HjUpdaterAPI

- 1.0.2
    - Updated readme with video demonstration
- 1.0.1
    - Fixed readme
- 1.0.0
    - Release
*Many turrets were harmed in the making of this plugin.