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Reworks Death Mark to make it a more interesting and dynamic item.

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.3.1
tristanmcpherson-R2API-3.0.30 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 3.0.30



Reworks Death Mark to make it a more interesting and dynamic item.


  • Death Mark now only requires two debuffs affecting the target to trigger its effect.
  • Death Mark now increases damage based on the number of debuffs affecting the target. It increases damage by 5% per debuff affecting the target.
  • Death Mark now increases damage based on the number of Death Marks. For every Death Mark past the first, its debuff will increase in potency by 50%. This means that each additional stack of Death Mark will increase damage taken by the target per debuff affecting them by 2.5%.
  • Numerical values can be changed in the config file.
  • The default values are balanced around using content mods that add a lot of debuffs that the player can make use of. For mostly vanilla play, I recommend changing the damage increase per debuff to 10%.

Known Issues

  • None at the moment, let me know in the modding discord if you have any.


- Removed ItemStats support because I'm too lazy to mess with it until it works.
- Fixed the item not actually being on the AI Blacklist.
- Updated pickup text.
- Updated for R2API 3.0.7.
- Updated for the Anniversary Update and EnigmaticThunder.
- Death Mark now stacks across the entire team for multiplayer convenience.
- Death Mark is now on the AI Blacklist by default because of the above change. If it wasn't, Void Fields would be near impossible if the enemies got Death Mark. This is able to be toggled in the config.
- Added ItemStats support.
- Updated config file and Thunderstore page descriptions to be clearer.
- Initial Release

Available versions

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2021-4-23 1.1.4 2819 Version 1.1.4 Install
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2021-3-29 1.1.1 2175 Version 1.1.1 Install
2021-3-1 1.1.0 6307 Version 1.1.0 Install
2021-2-23 1.0.1 672 Version 1.0.1 Install
2021-2-23 1.0.0 30 Version 1.0.0 Install