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I am the warrior you've heard of in legends, pure of heart and awakened by fury. That's what I am. I AM THE SUPER SAIYAN, SON GOKU!

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This is an alpha/beta library. It works, but there are breaking changes planned. It's released here to allow developers to reference it as a dependency.

Preferred version: 0.0.1
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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 3.2.0
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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.4.21


Son Goku has finally arrived in the world of Risk Of Rain 2.

Unlike other ROR2 characters, Goku does not have cooldowns nor skill stocks,
But has his own Ki based resource System instead!

His primary skill will generate him Ki, whilst other skills consume Ki.
He will passivily gain ki over time which increases per level.

Items that modify cooldown reduction will reduce ki cost of skills instead.
Items that modify skill stocks will increase Max Ki instead.

Now it wouldnt be Goku if he didnt have his unique transformations.
Tapping the Transform Key ('F' by Default), he can transform into many different forms.
Additionally, when holding the Transform Key instead, Goku will undergo his unique Kaioken transformations.
And Yes, They stack. Super Kaioken bby.

His Main Transformations consume Ki over time, but yeild a great Damage & Armor Boost.
Running out of ki will lose the transformation.

His Kaioken Transformations grant a damage, attack speed and move speed boost.
Kaioken does not consume Ki, but instead places a great strain on the body, which if active for too long,
will stun him and forcefully revert him back to his Base Form.

Transformations become available based on Goku's power level, which increases based on his level/experience.
You can see if a Main Transformation is available with the little arrow image on the right of the GUI.
If its a horizontal line, it means you do not have any Main Transformations available beyond your current state.
Currently, all kaioken transformation are available from the start. (so use them at your own risk :P )

Tapping the Power Down Key ('X' by Default) will revert goku back to his Base form.
- If a kaioken transformation is active, it will be reverted first.

Goku is also capable of flight, where holding the jump key will cause him to enter a flight state; Draining ki Per second.
- You fly by pressing your normal movement keys and facing in the direction you want to go!
- Releasing the jump key or running out of ki will stop the flight.

Goku also capable of Zenkai Boosting, where if a death is survived, he will permenantly gain bonus stats.
- This is displayed with the Zenkai Counter GUI next to the Health/Ki Bar.

Configurable Settings

You can find the config file in your "BepInEx\config\" directory. (After running the game once with the mod)
You can change the following settings
- Transform Key
- Power Down Key
- Enable Goku Voice

Instructions for install:

place the dll in your plugins folder


Transformations Update Trailer



After numerous requests to do this, I'd like to mention a few things:
- Donations are not required, these mods are free and always will be.
- I make mods as a passion and that alone!
- But if you still wish to donate; you can do so by clicking the donation link below.


- Enabled Unique Skills... (im stoopid)

- All Transformations now have a unique ultimate skill. (Pressing the Unique Skill Key)
- New input key for Unique Skills. (Default is 'V', can be configurable)
- Added Unique Skill : Angry Kamehameha.
- Added Unique Skill : Ki Blast Barrage.
- Added Unique Skill : Dragon Fist.
- Added Unique Skill : God Bind.
- Added Unique Skill : God Fist Kamehameha.
- Added Unique Skill : Godly Display.
- Added Unique Skill : Black Kamehameha.
- Added Unique Skill : Kamehameha x10.
- Reworked In-Game power level UI.
- First time Transformations now trigger mini-cutscene. (invincibility applies temporarily)
- Meteor Crash Buff. (More Damage & Armor Bonus)
- Fixed bugs with sprinting.
- Flight system now uses sprinting as a boost mechanic.
- Flight system's vertical movement tweaked.
- Ki Charge Tweaked. (weaker in air, slighty better on ground, becomes less effective when ki is above certain %)
- Spirit Bomb Explosion Visual. (reduced visual explosion size as it was a bit misleading)
- Nerfed Spirit bomb damage.
- Bonus Ki given from items are now displayed on the Ki bar.
- Death Sounds Implemented.
- Ultra instinct dodging will no longer trigger when invincible.
- Alternative Skin Implemented. (Goku Black Costume)
- Custom Skin Selection Menu Implemented.
- Fixed bug with Super Saiyan Rose aura sound not looping.

- Meteor crash now will execute for minimum 1 second with no per second ki cost drain.
- Zenkai Boost Implemented (Permenantly gain bonus stats if you survive death, stacks)
- Reworked Ki Blast skill to be a Double Ki Blast; same ki cost; minor damage decrease.
- Implemented Additional Jump Animation
- Fixed Bug with Flight not exiting after releasing Jump Key

- Tweaked Transformation : Super Saiyan Blue 3
- New Transformation : Super Saiyan Rose
- Fixed Bug with getting softlocked whilst exploding spirit bomb as it's lifetime runs out.
- Fixed Bug with the stationary turrets not shooting (because apparently turrets want to jump!?)
- Flight activates faster
- Flight now deactivates when spacebar is released
- Whilst flying, if ki runs out, flight is temporarily disabled.
- Flight no longer ends when hitting ground.
- Skills can now be used whilst in Flight (it will exit the flight state)
- When using a skill that allows for hovering, holding the Jump Key will let you Hover.

- Fixed Transformation Menu Not Appearing
- Fixed Volume Issues

- Transformation Menu Implemented (Replaces Overview Button In Character Selection Menu)
- Full Character Model Rework & VFX Update!
- Implemented Multi-Layered Animations.
- Kamehameha skill is no longer stationary!
- Kamehameha Skill's Bonus Armor reduced.
- Minimum Charge time for Kamehameha Skill reduced
- If Instant Transmission is equipped, you can use it once during a Kamehameha.
- Implemented a flight system (Holding jump key enters the flight state, at the cost of Ki per second)
- Goku no longer takes fall damage
- Goku now has an additional jump
- Added Ultra Instinct Transformation (Its power is based on your strongest main transformation) (Singleplayer Only)
- Added Bonus Transformation(s)
- Added Meteor Crash Skill (secondary)
- Added Spirit Bomb Skill (special)
- Added Ki Charge Skill (utility)
- Tweaked overall Volume
- Bug Fixes

- god forms now give bonus health regen (is canon!)
- Implemented Transformation Masteries (After using a transformation for a period of time, you will first master it; reducing the ki drain rate by a minor amount, if you continue to use it, you will perfect it and greatly reduce the ki drain rate)

- added audio mixers (Mod's SFX now works with SFX slider)

- added bonus armor when using kamehameha skill
- raised goku's base armor by 2
- Cooldown reduction reduces ki cost of skills. (Ki cost Minimum is 1)
- additional skill stocks now grant bonus max ki (bonus max ki is based of skill slot)
- kamehameha ki drain rate now affected by cooldown reduction

- added Hard Mini-Rpc-Lib Dependency

- there is now a stressed ki bar GUI when kaioken nears full strain
- tweaked transformation strain values (strain multipliers reduced, SSB can handle kaioken better than SSJ3/SSG)
- text pop up now displays when next main transformation is unlocked

- Goku should now be functional after reviving (EG: Dio's Best Friend)
- moved and resized transformation GUI (so its not blocking equipment stocks)
- tweaked kamehameha skill's collision radius
- kamehameha skill's distance now scales with charge

- whilst (Triple Kick / Ki Blast) Skills are active, you can hover by holding Jump (at the small cost of ki per second)
- fixed Ki Blast damage bug
- animations should transition smoother now.
- tweaked kamehameha size
- Changed Ki Blast Animation (Experimenting with custom animations, warning they are not great :P )
- Ki blasts now fire from the middle (should be more accurate now)
- tweaked ki blast damage & collision radius
- moar crash fixes

- removed debug ball of doom
- removed attack speed cap
- kaioken attack speed boost increased
- increased strain limit for kaioken usage (increased per level strain limit)
- Fixed Crashes (caused by OnDestroys / game quits / animation plays)
- Kamehameha procCoefficient : 0.15 => 1.0
- Kamehameha charge per sec damage increased by 200%
- Kamehameha now stuns.
- tweaked Main Transformation ki drain rates
- fixed overflow bug with power level display
- fixed invalid scaling for transformation availability GUI
- Tweaked Damage of Triple Kick & Ki Blast
- instant transmission slightly slower (but whilst in kaioken, it is faster)

- fixed character selection sound (should work with other survivor mods now)
- Improved instant transmission and sped up animation.

- Initial Release!

Special Thanks

  • The Modding Community
  • The ROR2 Community
  • Friends
  • Bubby

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2020-5-10 1.4.0 9486 Install
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2020-5-8 1.2.1 308 Install
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