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Inspired by -The Great Wave off Kanagawa-. (No longer deprecated!)

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Nobody asked for it, yet here it is! Kanagawa Skinpack

Things come and go. "Waves are unpredictable. One minute they’re there and the next they’re gone—and we experience them only in the process of their disappearance." - Christine Guth

Why I wanted to portray the survivors as unstoppable forces of nature, naive machines of destruction, so that brought waves and tsunamis up to mind. And for some reason this painting means a lot to me.

Skinpack? I decided to name this as a skinpack since I really enjoyed making the Captain skin and will probably keep this theme going for the next few skins. Unlike Prestigious Skinpack, not every Survivor will be present in this, since most of them don't have detailed textures like Captain, Acrid or Mercenary, and I am not here to make a mediocre job.


Colors may vary in-game because of stage lightning and effects and stuff

Kanagawa Captain

Morning and the fishers put out to sea,
With joy and farewells to their families,
Unaware today they would meet with fate,
To fight for life with a giant rogue wave.

Frothed in rage the tempest would not relent,
Incensed that they take without recompense,
The bounty of its trove with gluttony,
As if deemed chosen to exploit with greed.

"Bend those backs to the wind row and repel,
Vain Kanagawa reprieve yourselves! "
Spewed in boast the Kami Tsunami,
Amid the background of the great Mt. Fuji.

Fear seized their hearts and terror blazed their eyes:
Their hands bled and muscles groaned agony.
They who boldly bragged coward in the throes,
As the boats were tossed on the vast ocean.

The challenge met and defeat imminent,
Victory though sweet claims countless victims.
In disbelief they maintain their postures,
As the wave splinters the wooden structures.

The end is near, all is lost or so they thought;
On their knees one by one, made peace with God.
And this their last hour they in despair,
Prayed for the storm to abate, and were spared.

-Dennis Spilchuk

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1.0.0 -Captain Skin release

1.1.0 -Updated, more skins coming soon.

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