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So I decided to make the projectile of Slicing winds more usable

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So I decided to see what would happen if I try to make Slicing winds closer to what I though it should perform like.
This entails that I have edited these values:
Increased speed of projectile from 90 to 105.
Made the hitbox bigger to better fit the model.
Increased blast radius from 0 to 0.75.

I have made the move scale in 2 ways:
1.) The speed of projectile is tied to your movement speed
2.) How fast each hit is made, and the duration of the eviserate part are tied to attack speed.

There now a config file so go nuts.
--------------------------------------------Skipable Rant---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
So let me explain the pain that is how the scaling on attack speed and why unless I fully rewrite the fricking projectile this is the best i can do.

Ok, so the attack speed and duration of the attack are based on 2 values: fireFrequency and resetInterval.
The big problem is that both are implemented as fractions within in different ways.
resetInterval is already defined as a fraction in VALUE, while fireFrequency is defined as a fration in CODE.
Now you may be thinking, "ok if I just up one of these 2 i should get all the hits i want." Well no that doen't exactly work cause of how tied they are.
So the best thing that I can do is make it hit faster over a smaller amount of time.
--------------------------------------------Rant Over---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



How to Install

1 - Extract the "SlicingWindBuff" folder to your plugins folder
2 - have an existential crisis about which r to use now.


- Made Slicing winds scales with attack speed correctly?
-Made Slicing winds projectile speed scale with movement speed.
-Made blast radius 0.75 instead of 1 for balance reasons
-Redid some of the attack speed scaling code to make it feel better.
-Made values configurable so that you may balnace things the way you want
-fixed an issue with expose not being applied
-Redid the attack speed code again and made resetInterval less dependant on fireFrequency
-fixed a tipo
-Added a warning
-Readjusted the default values of the config

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