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i am forcing diversity into your apolitical indie shooter

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.9
tristanmcpherson-R2API-3.0.30 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 3.0.30



  • daredevil can now doulbe jump

no new stuff just yet ( i am incredibly lazy ). just fixing stuff mostly

  • Adds Daredevil, a fast paced, low-range survivor that outputs extreme damage by using clever repositioning.

i love reading all feedback, find me in the ROR2 modding discord, my username is orbeezeater22#0704

or join a server -


  • Skill icons
  • Alt skills
  • vfx
  • mastery skin

Thanks to Rob for making HenryMod and to everyone in the modding discord for answering my questions. =)



  • political update
  • probably other stuff i dont remeber doing


  • fixed audio
  • some other stuff too idk


  • removed everything
  • pants


  • Item Displays

  • Ragdoll

  • New weapons

  • New VFX

  • New HUD

  • New animations

  • Pretty much added everything that was missing.

  • File size reduced by 80%


  • Small update, not that important unless you want to play PVP, especially King Kombat Arena.

  • Special now properly deals damage in PVP.

  • Other small bug fixes in PVP.

  • Stunning an enemy will only mark them if Daredevil is in game.

  • Secondary's "lock on" now interrupts the targets as if they got hit by a big instance of damage. This one's actually a pretty nice buff.


Probably the last set of changes for a while, before I work on a final update (VFX, SFX, animations, etc) to make Daredevil a complete survivor. Just targeting some of the last problems I had with gameplay.

  • Utility now cancels Special completely.
  • Utility now travels the same distance whether you are sprinting or not.
  • Special no longer "slows", it applies a walking speed penalty instead. This only changes items and skills that scale with movement speed to use the players non-debuffed movement speed stat while in Special.
  • Secondary's "lock on" now only be able to target mobs within view range instead of the entire map. Mostly a multiplayer fix, because before this change you still required a stunned mob in view range to activate the ability.
  • I think I changed some damage numbers. i dont remember lol.
  • Melee "activation" range decreased. This is a buff. it should feel much easier to switch between melee and ranged skills in order to gain combo faster.
  • fixed missing faces on the model


  • Really good changes (in my opinion) that makes Daredevil feel much better to play. Really recommend updating!

  • New sounds for gaining combo! Let me know what you think. More sounds for other abilities soon hopefully.

  • Being at max combo now creates an indicator in the direction the player is looking, and in the position they will end up when using Special.

  • Special now only requires one press to blink and fire.

  • Buff icons instead of placeholder shields.

  • Transitioning between abilities should feel smoother. (a lot of skills should interrupt eachother better)

  • Lots of minor changes/fixes (aka stuff I probably did but dont remember)

  • Trying to design a better HUD for combo. Not in this update but it will be here eventually


Early game Daredevil had the risks of a low range character without the damage or durability to support it. Super late game, Daredevil is way too vulnerable while using skills, especially Secondary's "Lock-On" against large groups of enemies. They were also way too reliant on attack speed to deal damage. These will be very big buffs overall.

  • Special damage increased substantially (135% -> 300%), but number of shots no longer scales with attack speed.
  • Secondary "Lock-On" damage increased (125% -> 200%). Blink scales better with movement speed. Large groups of stunned enemies are shot faster.
  • Primary "Gun" damage decreased (180% -> 150%)
  • Secondary "Gun" damage decreased (290% -> 230%)
  • Lockout duration of Utility's bounce now scales down with movement speed.
  • Lots of bug fixes and minor non-gameplay changes.


  • Added some details to the model so its not just a red blob.
  • Fixed a lot of clipping too
  • This is probably the final version of the model for a while, or at least close to it. Im not good enough at blender to make improvements.
  • Animations touched up again.
  • Lowered melee activation range but increased size of the attack
  • Increased the hitbox size of utility's attack
  • Hopefully fixed floating enemies and random invincibility in multiplayer


  • Touched up a few animations ( still havent figured out AimAnimator so guns arent perfect yet ).
  • New VFX and animation for Special. Also increased damage slightly.
  • Glued a sword to the right arm for sword animations.
  • Other minor fixes.


  • Brand spankin' new =)

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