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Adds HUNK, a survivor with a focus on resource management and risky CQC. Knife skin update!

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.1905
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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 5.0.5



  • Adds HUNK from the Resident Evil franchise
  • Has a couple item displays, unlockable skins and skills and is fully multiplayer compatible
  • Comes with a unique side objective and a handful of unique weapons to obtain (permanently)
  • Configurable stats and a few other things to mess around with
  • Full Risk of Options support for all configuration options

To share feedback, report bugs, or offer suggestions feel free to create an issue on the GitHub repo or join the Discord:



Every stage an enemy will get infected with the G-Virus, powering it up a little bit. This buff grows substantially over time so it's crucial to find the virus early and neutralize it before it becomes a serious threat.

Once defeated, you will obtain a G-Virus sample that can be turned into an Umbrella Terminal to exchange it for a keycard. Keycards can be used to open the corresponding weapon cases which you'll find on each stage.


Basic melee attack meant for conserving ammo when it's safe to do so. Killing with this also has a chance for them to drop ammo on death.


Aim your held gun and fire. Each gun has ammo and reloads either passively or manually when out.

Each gun has its own unique properties, such as AoE or headshot multipliers.


Take a quick step forward. Using this in anticipation of an enemy attack will perform a Perfect Dodge, refunding the cooldown and allowing you to retaliate with a devastating counterattack.

Using primary after a Perfect Dodge will perform a counterattack. These do leave you open so use them wisely.


Open up the weapon menu and swap weapons. Pressing secondary will drop the selected weapon. Tapping the key swaps to your last equipped weapon, shown on your back.

Unique Item Interactions

Since cooldown items do almost nothing on HUNK, most of them have unique interactions that play around his ammo system instead

Backup Magazine - +1 fake bullet every time you complete a reload

Bandolier - Gives you half a mag of fake bullets on pickup

Alien Head - Increased ammo on pickup, same scaling and nerfed if Green Alien Head is installed

Brainstalks - Shots don't consume ammo while active

Lysate Cell - +1 fake bullet every time you swap to a new gun

Purity - Double magazine capacity (consumption remains the same)

FAKE BULLETS can be fired without consuming any actual ammo, but are all lost when you reload or swap weapons

Compatibility Stuff


HUNK's custom weapon HUD is fully compatible with this UI overhaul


If you enjoy my work and would like to support me, you can donate to my Ko-fi


rob - Code, animation, sfx, mostly everything

swuff - Code, design help, entire interactable system, just an awesome co-dev overall

RandomlyAwesome - Controller support for radial menu

Thingw - Secondary and Special skill icons

Bruh - Golden Gun gun model

tsuyoikenko - Slayer skin

Capcom - Models

Big thanks to everyone in the community for all the valuable feedback and criticism as well, he wouldn't be the same without it

Future Plans

  • More weapons
  • Other things 100% decided on pure whimsy
  • More mod crosscompat
  • More unique counterattacks
  • Item displays
  • Translation support
  • Emotes
  • More virus types

Known Issues

  • Most item displays are missing
  • Ally projectiles trigger perfect dodges; haven't decided if this is worth keeping as a mechanic yet
  • Lore accurate Weskah config does not seem to be working



  • Added new debuff: Mangled - each knife hit adds one stack, upon reaching 6 stacks the enemy suffers an instant 800% damage
  • Added custom interactions for Lysate Cell and Purity
  • Added weapon case placements for Verdant Falls and the mod stages Fogbound Lagoon, Catacombs and Slumbering Satellite
  • Added frontal counterattack for Beetle Guards
  • Alloy Vultures can now be suplexed
  • Countering Blind Vermin from behind is also a suplex now
  • Generic knife counter (hold m1 while lunging without running into anything) damage boosted to 800%, uses the proper knife model and now counts as a counterattack
  • Greatly extended the i-frames on counter kicks and punches to make them less of a flight risk
  • Made EMF Scanner more precise
  • Fixed extra weapon cases spawning on stages without preset positions
  • Fixed Alien Head scaling negatively after getting more than one, resulting in 0 ammo from each pickup..


  • Added a config option to deposit keycards straight to your inventory as a temporary fix for some edge case mod incompats


  • Added tool: EMF Scanner - acts as a weapon case detector to make finding them less of a struggle
  • Added gun: CQBR Assault Rifle
  • Added a special weapon to Voidling's fight to match the one given for Mithrix
  • Added item: I.D. Wristband
  • Added a handful of new unlockable knife skins!!
  • Added a lock-on effect to Perfect Dodges, intended to make counterattacks much more reliable- understandably can be disorienting so there is config to disable this behavior
  • Perfect Dodges now ignore character collision
  • Added a new counterattack when hitting Lemurians from behind that's faster and has AoE, necksnap haters rejoice
  • Extended Magazine (LE 5) now has a model and icon
  • Updated Imp counterattack animation
  • Made Perfect Dodges a little less forgiving on projectiles
  • Moved joke skins to cursed config and gave them proper icons
  • Anti-tank Missile and Railgun now have a 1% chance of showing up in post-loop weapon cases
  • Fixed barrels giving too much ammo
  • Fixed weapon case pings not telling you what was inside the case anymore
  • Fixed the contents of weapon cases being desynced on multiplayer again, not sure when this bug came back
  • Fixed more virus terminals spawning every time you respawned


  • Added Slayer skin, courtesy of tsuyoikenko!
  • Added animations for heresy skills
  • Tweaked sprints again
  • Made ammo pickups slightly more conspicuous
  • Fixed custom escape sequence BGM
  • Fixed LE 5 not playing its SFX for other players in multiplayer
  • Fixed LE 5 Extended Mag not being in the drop pool


  • Big thanks to Ghor for playing HUNK on stream for this update! Very insightful and helped to identify areas where gameplay clarity could be improved
  • Added keyword to passive explaining a little bit about the G-Virus
  • Ammo pickups from chests now spawn from a pickup droplet to help visibility- can be reverted in config
  • ^this is mostly to address new players missing all the ammo pickups, old behavior is faster so turn it off if you prefer that
  • Picking up new guns now starts them with reserve ammo based on the gun, giving wiggle room to try out new weapons
  • Bandolier pickups now fully refill the mag instead of only half (still fake ammo though)
  • Adjusted fake ammo to be an extra display directly under your current mag, making it more immediately obvious what fake ammo is
  • Fixed misplaced core position
  • Fixed ammo pickups spawning while running Looming Dread in singleplayer, this was both confusing and disappointing


  • Added Ancient Scepter upgrade!!
  • Utility upgrade: Uroboros - Dodges now give full iframes, quicker movement, allow counterattacks without a Perfect Dodge and gain an extra charge
  • ^in the future it'll have unique melee attacks but this is all for now
  • Made Perfect Dodges more consistent against Beetle Guards and Parents
  • Melee ammo drop rate is now doubled on Sacrifice
  • Laser Sight (LE 5) now boosts the headshot bonus from 25% to 50%
  • Added gun attachment: Extended Magazine (LE 5) - Boosts mag size to 60 and increases ammo on pickup from 32 to 90
  • Added skin: Minecraft
  • Fixed more counter animation issues
  • Fixed Gun Stock no longer appearing at all due to the previous fix; all works as intended now
  • Fixed rare issue where an infected enemy could die without spawning the bug
  • Fixed Commencement intro dialogue replaying if HUNK died and respawned
  • Fixed redundant weapon cases spawning while running Looming Dread in singleplayer
  • Fixed infection passive sound being way too loud


  • Added new skin: Mastermind
  • Fixed Gun Stock being able to spawn more than once
  • Fixed neck snap animation bug for real


  • Added new passive: Hustle - HUNK's sprint now increases in speed over time up to a cap (it's not listed in the loadout yet)
  • ^Overwhelming amounts of feedback regarding how slow he is, which is true, 0 traversal skills and a side objective that forces him to scour the whole map. this should subtly help his map traversal without impacting the rest of his gameplay
  • Adjusted all sprint animations to be consistent with each other
  • Fixed Schrödinger's Gun missing model again
  • Fixed rare issue causing neck snap to have no animation
  • Fixed emotes enabling the crosshair


  • Networked the new counterattacks....


  • Added rest emote
  • Added a custom counterattack for Imp
  • Added a custom counterattack for Clay Templar
  • Added keywords and rewrote description for Quickstep
  • Infected enemies can no longer be neck snapped- uses a different counter instead
  • Enemies below half hp will have a different, faster counter instead of the neck snap
  • Fixed model jittering while trying to move during certain animations
  • Fixed enemies moving their heads during the neck snap animation


  • Added config option for a custom HUD built for HUNK
  • Added subtle camera interpolation, can be configured and even disabled
  • Added a slight camera zoom out when near huge enemies to help with combat visibility, also with config
  • Added a config option to adjust the distance the cursor has to be from the center to select a weapon, for those having issues
  • Added more pep to his step :-)
  • Added a custom (very strong) counterattack for Blind Vermin
  • Enemies who survive a neck snap will no longer be stunned indefinitely, instead they will be enraged for 10 seconds
  • Slightly extended the invulnerability window on neck snap- played correctly you can be indefinitely invulnerable now


  • bugefix


  • Added gun attachments! These show up in gun cases scattered throughout the standard gun pool
  • Gun Stock (MUP): Allows you to fire 3 bullets in quick succession
  • Laser Sight (LE 5): Removes spread, recoil and bullet falloff
  • Long Barrel (Lightning Hawk): Increases damage from 2400% to 3200%
  • Speedloader (Quickdraw Army): When the chamber is empty, reload all bullets at once
  • LE 5 and MUP added to the post-loop weapon pool in case you dropped them and wanted to get them back later
  • M19 ammo pickup amount doubled as a temporary solution until ammo weight system is added
  • Gave M19 a laser sight because awesome or something
  • Flamethrower ammo pickup amount halved, reload speed lowered to match the GM-79
  • Flamethrower range reduced
  • Made Perfect Dodge window smaller, but gave it more i-frames when successful
  • Added incompatibility warning when playing the game with incompatible mods (ones i can't fix on my end)
  • Fixed Golden Gun having no model
  • Fixed MUP pickup model
  • Fixed weapon cases not being synced in multiplayer


  • Added a custom shield overlay (with config to disable), as well as a config to enable this overlay for ALL survivors
  • Added config to add a shield bubble as well, though this one is off by default
  • Added a custom ping icon for Umbrella Terminals
  • Fixed Goobo Jr. spawning terminals every time he spawned


  • Added config to hide the gun icon from the HUD as it's kinda unnecessary and just clutter (unlike Driver who needs it)
  • Added the fancy ammo display from RiskUI to the normal UI, with a config to revert this
  • Added config to control the opacity of the background for this ammo display
  • Added config to let the infection event continue even after getting every keycard
  • GM-79 damage: 1600% > 3200%, it was simply way too weak for its very limited availability
  • Non-HUNK players can no longer pick up G-Virus Samples or U.C. Keycards, this can also be reverted via config
  • Fixed broken weapon icon again


  • Fixed broken weapon icon and NRE spam


  • Neck snap can now be cancelled early by simply moving, and the dodge cancel window has been moved to immediately after the snap
  • Stage 5 Infected monsters now swap to the neutral team, heavily nerfed their sustain as well
  • Reanimated SMG and Pistol reloads
  • Fixed weapon/item models not having any normal maps
  • Fixed weapon menu not working on controllers (fix by RandomlyAwesome!)


  • Added a custom escape sequence with BGM and everything (can be disabled in config if you hate epicness)
  • Fixed possibility of Chemical Flamethrower SFX playing infinitely if HUNK died while using it (unsure if this actually happened, but just in case)


  • Added custom portrait for Tofu


  • Fixed anyone being able to pick up HUNK's guns
  • Fixed HUNK being able to grab more guns even with a full inventory
  • Fixed HUNK being able to grab duplicate guns
  • Fixed broken ragdoll turning into some body horror monstrosity and covering the whole screen
  • Fixed Goobo Jr. giving the Lightweight achievement
  • Fixed Goobo also spawning the ATM-4
  • Fixed ammo pickups in multiplayer properly this time


  • Fixed Chemical Flamethrower spamming its startup sound for everyone else, inflicting severe pain to everyone's eardrums


  • Added config to disable the global sound cue when an Infected enemy spawns; don't blame me if you turn this off and they mutate to max level
  • Infection is now capped at 5 mutation stacks, but the final stack gives much more noticeable buffs to compensate
  • ^There is a config option to uncap it and restore the original behavior
  • Lightning Hawk damage: 1800% > 2400%
  • Quickdraw Army damage: 1800% > 2400%, fire rate drastically increased
  • ^ damage being equal to shotguns made no sense as they're single target only
  • G-Virus infection is now capped at 5 stacks; this can be disabled in config for those who enjoy spawning superbosses
  • Fixed Lightweight unlock; apparently monsters were giving you the unlock as they had no items
  • Fixed MUP and M19 SFX not playing for others in multiplayer
  • Fixed Weapon Cases breaking in singleplayer when EmptyChestsBeGone or ChestQoL were installed
  • Fixed Bandolier pickups getting rid of any excess ammo from a Backup Mag if you had any
  • Fixed G-Virus (the hidden item given to Infected enemies) showing up in the logbook
  • Fixed ammo pickups being visible (and stealable) by non-HUNK players in multiplayer


  • attempted another bugfix..


  • tiny fix whoops


  • Initial release