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Adds the Ravager, a mobile melee bruiser focused on healing through overwhelming violence.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.1905
tristanmcpherson-R2API-5.0.5 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 5.0.5



  • Adds the Ravager, an original new character
  • Fully functional base kit with an unlockable mastery skin
  • Fully multiplayer compatible!
  • Has item displays
  • Full Risk of Options support for all configuration options

To share feedback, report bugs, or offer suggestions feel free to create an issue on the GitHub repo or join the Discord:


Currently comes unlocked by default



The Ravager can jump off walls and charge these jumps to perform great leaps. Also, melee hits fill up the Blood Well, healing him and empowering his skills for a short time when filled.


Basic melee slash

Empowered: Swing much faster


Lunging AoE slash that stuns

Empowered: Lunge farther and deal more damage to low health enemies


Expunge Blood Well to heal based on the blood consumed

Empowered: Unleash a devastating blood explosion, along with healing more


Grab an enemy and slam them into the ground, consuming them and healing if the grab kills

Empowered: Drag them along the ground after landing, dealing heavy damage over time and hitting enemies you pass through

If hitting a boss, instead punch them, firing a shockwave hitting enemies in a cone behind them


If you enjoy my work and would like to support me, you can donate to my Ko-fi:


rob - Everything

nayDPz - Grab code

Swuff - Feedback, character icon outline

Moffein, TheTimeSweeper - Loads of valuable gameplay feedback

Redacted - Artistic feedback

Known Issues

  • Killing Kjaro and Runald elder lems with Brutalize prevents them from dropping their respective bands

Future Plans

  • Proper skins
  • More alternate skills
  • Ancient Scepter support
  • General polish



  • Removed ground impact until further notice
  • Changed mastery skin again, added an alternate due to request
  • Updated Voidborn skin- still looks awful but maybe a little bit less so?
  • Releasing Nullify above half charge now uses the quick blast instead of the beam if you're holding M1- thanks to tsuyoikenko for this
  • Fixed the stupid vanilla lobby skin bug


  • Reduced frequency of ground impacts and made skills cancel it properly


  • forgot to remove a line of debugging code


  • Cleave now forces a sprint (making it agile was screwing with my muscle memory)
  • Fixed animation bug


  • i swear it works this time


  • 1.3.7 was not playtested


  • The newly added landing impact can now be cancelled into a charged jump


  • Added fall damage immunity, replaced it with an impact animation
  • Physical Prowess no longer cancels itself when used on the ground
  • Increased range of Physical Prowess walljump check, moved closer to the ground to make ground jumps easier
  • Cleave no longer cancels sprint
  • Nullify charge gained per projectile severely lowered
  • Eating up projectiles in the first 0.5s after starting Nullify now grants 5x the value
  • ^less effective for passively charging up, but more rewarding on well timed counters
  • Pummel unlock requirement changed from 5 slams to 3
  • Pummel base damage: 1000% > 1250%
  • ^Brutalize goes up to 1500% based on fall distance, so this is just addressing that damage disparity
  • Pummel now applies heavy force to its target, guaranteeing most things get hit by the following shockwave
  • Empowered Pummel new effect: no longer doubles damage, but instead hits the enemy with a barrage of punches
  • Updated default skin model once again
  • Various forms of visual and audio polish
  • Fixed incorrect healing amount in special descriptions


  • Physical Prowess leaps now force a sprint- this removes the necessity to be sprinting beforehand to get full value out of the leap
  • Fixed Blood Rush overlay expiring near instantly


  • Added new unlockable alt special
  • Empowered punch now deals double damage
  • Twisted Mutation now refreshes when grabbing something with Brutalize- means you can blink, grab, blink again for more style points
  • Updated some VFX for the void skins
  • Fixed issues resulting from grabbing flying bosses with Brutalize
  • Fixed Hopoo Feather doing nothing with Twisted Mutation- now consumes the extra jumps before using up the blink
  • Fixed duplicate passive in character select


  • Nullify beam duration no longer scales with attack speed; tick rate still does though (maybe op who knows)
  • Rewrote Brutalize punch logic to fix multiplayer weirdness
  • Added config to disable the boss grab from empowered Brutalize- recommended until the collision issues are fixed, or if you find it grief in multiplayer
  • Fixed Coagulate not playing its animation for multiplayer clients


  • Base armor: -10 > 0
  • Fixed Nullify starting off at full charge if it had previously absorbed projectiles


  • whoops forgot to remove the network testing hook



  • Networked EVERYTHING! Every single part of the character should now work properly on every client! Huge thanks to Tsweep and Moffein for helping with this :-)
  • Added alternate primary: Dismantle - Three hit combo with bonus damage and stun on the third hit
  • Physical Prowess wall leaps now scale with movement speed, but base distance has been reduced
  • Added new mastery skin and moved the current one to cursed config
  • Finally added unique emotes
  • Fixed Coagulate hop distance not scaling properly


  • Hack Hold Stance damage multiplier increased from 4x to 5x, special animation added for max damage swings
  • Blood Well activation healing now counts as healing instead of regen, letting it benefit from the appropriate items
  • Blood Well no longer drains while charging a wall jump- should give it a little more niche use in combat
  • Brutalize punch shockwave damage: 400% > 1000%
  • Brutalize new effect: Can grab bosses when empowered
  • Brutalize now empowers Wandering Vagrant orbs when grabbed, greatly increasing blast radius and damage
  • Empowered Nullify charge speed increased


  • Base armor: 20 > -10
  • Base health regen: 2.5/s > 0.5/s
  • Hack damage: 270% > 230%
  • Cleave damage: 600% > 500%
  • Blood Well activation healing: 100% max hp > 75% missing hp
  • Brutalize heal on kill: 15% max hp > 10% max hp
  • Brutalize drag damage over time: 300%/s > 100%/s
  • Brutalize now deals half damage for each repeated slam on the same enemy (in the same grab)


  • Fixed a gamebreaking bug caused by using Brutalize on an enemy with the Witch's Ring item from Aetherium (thanks yarrowyeen for finding the cause!)


  • Finally polished the stupid readme, god why did that take two whole ass hours
  • Slightly increased size of melee hitboxes
  • Twisted Mutation blink distance slightly increased
  • Twisted Mutation blink now refreshes on melee hits and has subtle VFX showing when a blink is available
  • Grabbing enemies with Brutalize now sets their damage stat to 0 to prevent blazing elites from killing you
  • Nullify charge gain per projectile slightly decreased
  • Added config to stop Nullify from eating allied projectiles
  • Added config to let you cling to walls permanently
  • Slight model improvements
  • Updated a handful of item displays
  • Fixed Brutalize punch doing way too much damage
  • Fixed Hopoo Feather interaction not actually working


  • Brutalize can now be used on bosses to perform a punch with a shockwave hitting enemies directly behind
  • Hack damage: 320% > 270%
  • Hack bonus attack speed while empowered slightly lowered
  • ^Brutalize greatly raised his kill speed on bosses so some nerfing was needed (still real strong)
  • Hopoo Feathers now allow you to perform walljumps in the air
  • Attempted to network Blood Well heal but no guarantees
  • yes i know the skins suck they're just shitposts i'll make proper skins for him eventually


  • Apparently this never existed?


  • Added a new unlockable alternate passive
  • Added a new unlockable skin
  • Added a Badass Mode config option (warning: Far Too Epic!!!!)
  • Reworked Eldritch Blast and renamed it to Nullify, added unlock condition
  • Moved Blood Well's description from primary skill to its own passive slot for clarity
  • Blood Well heal amount: 75% max health > 100% max health
  • Brutalize heal amount: 30% max health > 15% max health
  • ^less on demand healing, more reward on the heal you actually have to work for
  • Blood Rush duration slightly increased
  • Coagulate's empowered explosion now always deals max damage regardless of how much meter is left
  • ^makes it a viable finisher to Blood Rush instead of being all around awkward
  • Added some config for the Blood Well HUD
  • Attack hitstop now applies to slash effects as well
  • Fixed Brutalize drag damage being 80% instead of the intended 800%
  • Fixed slash effects not being networked- thanks tsweep :-)
  • Fixed some other misc bugs idek


  • Updated a handful of animations, no more pod :-)
  • Skill icons now get a cool overlay when you're in Blood Rush
  • Coagulate new effect: When empowered, now explodes for up to 2400% damage based on how much blood is expended
  • Greatly increased the drag damage from empowered Brutalize, making it rewarding beyond purely feeling cool
  • Fixed weird Brutalize interactions with certain flying enemies


  • Bugfix


  • Added mastery skin complete with custom VFX and SFX!!
  • Hack damage 390% > 320% (this carries over to the hold stance too)
  • Cleave damage 750% > 600%
  • ^damage values haven't been changed once so now that he's out it's time to hit him with the balance hammer
  • Moved Blood Well gauge onto the crosshair for better visibility
  • Added some extra animations for Cleave
  • Updated Blood Rush VFX
  • Updated Brutalize skill icon
  • Attempted to network Coagulate and Blood Well
  • Fixed delays on a bunch of VFX
  • Fixed broken VFX texture in lobby


  • Fixed weird Shuriken procs


  • Fixed funny grab bug


  • Greatly increased forward lunge force on Cleave
  • Updated Cleave VFX, SFX and animation
  • Enemies grabbed by empowered Brutalize no longer die until the end of the drag
  • Updated Brutalize blood VFX to be more noticeable
  • Attempted to fix Brutalize sometimes not doing max damage or even hitting at all
  • Added work-in-progress alternate utility skill, Eldritch Blast
  • ^this is way more active and also way more overpowered so expect nerfs? maybe? who knows


  • Removed wall jump limit heheheha may revert this, who knows, go crazy
  • Lowered secondary animation lockout duration
  • Increased forward lunge force of grounded secondary


  • Timer for charge jumps increased from 0.5s > 0.65s, should add a bit more of a window to aim
  • Fixed broken health scaling


  • Initial release