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Cebs Rundown

Vanilla style original rundown with (12?) in-depth missions, team of 4 highly recommended. Kinda what I would vision the games missions to feel like if I was a dev. Give it a shot and tell me what you think. SHOULD be bug free...

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A set of custom tiles for use in your rundown

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BepInEx pack for GTFO. Preconfigured and includes Unity Base DLLs.

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Simple MOD that makes broken door bullet collision accurate

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Color the texture in real time

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(Rundown Dev MOD) Disposable Painters allocated to re-paint the Security Doors in the Complex.

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Reduce the blur and Remove most of inaccessible area from map

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An asset bundle pack for Rundown Devs containing 8 data sphere flavors.

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Customize your security scan

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Flowaria LGTuner with one fix and one addition

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Geos used in Prelude

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Flowaria AdvancedWardenObjective with a few emergency fixes and tweaks

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Ceb's Rundown


This is a rundown that was originally one level, but turned into nine total so far... Originally intented just to play with some close friends but I wanted to post here as well so people could play and test it out. If you play it and wanna tell me how it went feel free to dm me on discord. Keep in mind I've only been modding this game for a cumulative total of about 3 weeks from the time this was initally posted so please forgive any mistakes or bugs. I learn something new every day I work on this project. ####Also a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped me through the modding discord or written guides, you all rock and your work has not gone unnoticed!

So far there are [12 fully playable levels], as in I have tested the objectives and progression puzzles etc. and the level is possible to complete. As far as balancing, be it enemies, alarms, weapons etc., everything is up for change. There are some notable weapon changes, too many to list because I never really kept track of how many, but rest assured most weapons are at least a little more fun now (including melee weapons). There could be changes to weapons or even enemies as time goes on but for now everything seems in a good spot. Level layouts may change too, and of course new levels will most likely come. BTW there's reduced fall damage, idrk by how much but if you were gonna take 10 dmg in the vanilla game, you def won't here.

Thanks for reading, and please send any feedback to me: DISCORD-ceb_is_ded


  • 1.0.1: fixed some issues with mod dependanceies; MISSION 2: Nerfed enemy distribution in certian zones, slightly increased resource distribution
  • 1.0.2: slight nerf to burst cannon max ammo, can penetrate one target now; Veruta MG now fires slightly slower to increase uptime of crowd control; slightly nerfed some assorted zone enemy distribution; renamed the spear "THE BOOMSTICK", you gotta see why...
  • 1.1.0: put some good old weapon modding tactics to good use and changed the SHORT RIFLE to the AUTO DMR, feel free to try it out, should be just a good special dmr type; assorted weapon model touch ups on auto dmr (previously short rifle), double tap, assault rifle, and both machine guns (putting mags on guns that make sense, changing some sights, recievers, and stocks here and there); increased heavy smg ammo and clip, slightly decreased fire rate; increased hel revolver clip to 8, slightly decreased damage
  • 1.1.1: fixed manifest and readme, why i suck at making these .md files
  • 1.1.2: ^^^ again, if it doesnt show up right this time i will riot
  • 1.2.0: Added MISSION 4, using the infamous TIMED-TERMINAL SEQUENCE, can you survive? Added some colored security doors to all levels based on if its a special zone or not; some seed rerolling for lights and signs that were floating or weirdly placed; added more resources to MOST [RESOURCE ZONES], as they were kinda underwhelming for a resource specific zone; fixed some event logic to work as intended; added PROGRESSION to the levels, so they unlock one after the other, similar to a vanilla rundown, missions 1-4 get harder progressively I believe so it makes sense, if u wanna know what that timed terminal sequence is like better beat mission 3 first bahahaha (let me know if the progression works too and any issues with it, since I think mission1 is always completed for me even tho its just set to alwaysavailable, made a new profile to test and still did that so lmk); fixed some assorted rundown menu stuff, main addition was a difficulty meter to each mission; dependancy update; I think that's it, big update woooooooo
  • 1.2.1: ReadMe Update
  • 1.2.2: potential fix for some mystery bug affecting mission 1, weird becuase i didn't edit its layout, yet it threw some layout related bugs, idk; updated mission count on readme
  • 1.2.3: Fixed the problem for real, forgot to update dependances and zaerogeos wasnt being installed, so should install automatically now and problems should be gone
  • 1.2.4: removed superspeed and godlike hammer dev dbs i use to test levels quickly, forgot to remove those since i was using a dev profile to fix the game last night, so if you beat any levels with superspeed, good job lmfao you got me good
  • 1.2.5: apparently my "play" dbs got overridden by my "dev" dbs at some point so i had to recreate a few changes to the melee archetype and animation dbs and also the player db, so run speed should be normal now and hammer should be good
  • 1.2.6 some changes to mission3 waves to work better (thanks for the feedback!!!!); made some changes to subobjective events to show up properly; fixed some assorted doors that were supposed to have teamscans but didn't; added back the painted doors, forgot to put the .json in that custom folder, damn there's a lotta things i gotta remember
  • 1.2.6xxxx these updates are me trying to rearrange the files on the thunderstore upload, its making the painted security door custom file go away during upload, so sorry about flooding the mod=update channel today
  • 1.3.0: fixes to mission 2, moved a checkpoint to another point where it makes more sense; reorganized the files on the zip to ensure painted security doors works (thanks hirnukuono!)
  • 1.3.1: Rebalance on a particular scan in mission 3
  • 1.4.0: Added MISSION 5 with 3 LAYERS AND DIMENSION, hope you like big levels! Replaced some parts on the Auto DMR to make it cooler, and made some assorted changes to other guns, namely the precision rifle, changed around some flashlights too; added in the datasphere color, and better maps dependancies; buffed burst pistol, tried it and was underwhelming, so a buff should make it feel better; removed colorequipment dependancy, sry if that messed up ur UI mods at any point; made some important changes to some earlier missions that had incorrect enemy spawning settings; Mission 5 is huge so please let me know of any issues or things that look wrong, I'll do my best to fix but shoulnd't be anything as far as I've tested, always a chance something slips through though (besides the invisible datasphere at the elevator drop, i have NO clue whats causing this)
  • 1.4.1: file upload fix
  • 1.4.2: Thank you for the feedback -- Fixes to Mission 5: reworked the main objective - instead of dropping with the datasphere, it is in the 4th zone now, couldn't fix the issue of the invisible sphere so you can pick it up in the zone for progression with no issue now; changed the geo in the nFrame room to the one that best suits the datasphere; updated data sphere related custom sub-objective messages; added some custom sub-objective messages to make the unlocking command towards the beginning more clear about what it does, not that anyone wasn't just gonna walk forward after doing it but it's better to not leave room for confusion; fixed big issue where a door in the secondary wasn't opening, added a checkpoint to the last door in secondary; added another terminal verification code to secondary objective; slightly nerfed enemey count in Overload including a blood door that had too many enemies, moved a checkpoint in overload to an earlier spot; Fixes to Mission 3: changed the timing on some elevator drop events slightly; increased reactor wave time to 60 seconds, and verify waves to 320 seconds; added back an infamous scan, and extra resources in room with said infamous scan to compensate a bit for the added difficulty; Fixes to Mission 2: slightly reduced enemy distribution in a few zones; slightly increased resources in various zones; General Changes: re-did the difficulty meters again, the levels' difficulties don't really progress in order anymore I don't think, so I gotta reflect that in the menu, changes to combat shotgun, the John Wick, and the scatter gun (now with a scope!)
  • 1.4.3: Some minor changes to Mission 3: reduced enemy distribution throughout the level slightly, added another alarm, in order to increase emphasis on fast-paced action rather than stealth and moving slow, increased supply zone resources, added 10 more seconds to each applicable reactor timer, changed a zone's terminal spawning location; minor Mission 2 changes: changed fog colors per cell put into the cluster
  • 1.5.0: Added MISSION 6, with a reactor I've had so much fun putting together, it's pretty hard so good luck! This mission is also kinda long, meant to be sort of a climax, but maybe not my last level, please let me know any issues, theres bound to be something I missed!; fixed an issue on Mission 5 where the secondary could still potentially not unlock after the objective is complete; adjusted a few gear parts
  • 1.5.1: RENAMED ALL LEVELS, CHECK DISCLAIMER IN RUNDOWN INTEL IF U FEEL LIKE I COPIED UR LEVELS NAME IN ANY WAY; Cleaned up some unused files; freshened up the rundown menu with colors and changed the size of mission buttons slightly; Nerfed a block in SurvivalWaveSettings used frequently by my chained puzzles, reducing the difficulty of a particular alarm type in mission 2, 4, 5, and 6; did some changes to melee weapons: hammers' light attack damage was reduced, knife and spears' light attacks were buffed very slightly; Mission 6: Re-rolled the seed for the supply zone, and changed up the lighting in said supply zone, added some sleeping snatchers to some zones because it was cool and why not (difficulty for the zones with these guys may or may not be harder, or easier? gotta find out for yourself lol), slightly changed the timings of the fog transitions in the main objective, removed a team scan on a door, instead of just pitch black darkness, adjusted the light settings of zones 6 and 7 so only a few weak lights are on, also adjusted light settings in most zones with the same orange/red light settings, rerolled some light seeds in the aforementioned zones, moved a checkpoint to a later point in the main objective, removed 10 seconds from verify time for two waves in secondary objective, changed some spawn times of waves after main objective completed; Mission 1: very slightly nerfed extraction alarm; Mission 2: did a slight rework to the fog settings related to the generator cluster, should behave a little better now
  • 1.6.0: Added C7 with 5 total Dimensions! so far its the most complex level ive made as far as the objectives go so good luck; made a couple of weapon tweaks that i dont remember
  • 1.6.1: Did a fix to C1 for a bug that was causing a level gen issue, as a result, most of the level is now re-rolled
  • 1.6.2: ^^^Same fix for C5 Dimension
  • 1.7.0: Added C8 with 6 total objectives in the main layer! a new record for me, maybe I'll do a level with more later; fixed a big issue with the pouncers' attack not working properly in every level; did some weapon changes, made the veruta mg a lot more controllable with recoil, shotguns got a slight buff again, hi cal got a buff too, i think that's it
  • 1.8.0: Added C9, they get bigger and better each time lol; implemented LG Tuner finally, and also chained puzzle customization
  • 1.8.1: removed a testing level that was originally intended to be a booster farming thing, forgot to disable before the update
  • 1.8.2: Some small changes throught the levels: C5 Overload -- took out some nightmare scouts that automatically wake up due to a blood door, added shadow giants to zone instead; C8 -- flipped zone_30 source gate, just for some variation, since every single reactor zone had a zone on the right side, had to mix it up; C9 -- fixed spelling of some objective text; General Changes -- made the carbine shoot WAY better, changed some stats on it to solidify its position as a semi-high skill smg; changes to both main semi-auto pistols, burst pistol specifically got changed quite a bit including recoil, rate of fire, and damage, feels much better now; changed some parts of the rifle and also its equip animation, also some stats, should be a more fun weapon; Auto DMR got a rof boost, which made it feel SO much better, idk how such a small change made it feel awesome but it did lol; revolver lost its reciever to look more real-world, also got an increase in recoil but also increase in damage, and different flashlight
  • 1.9.0: Added C10, be warned, IT TAKES A LOT OF RAM AND PROCESSING POWER TO RUN, thats gardens for ya; this is sort of a scuffed release because for some reason c10 made a few other levels unstable, but here's everything in a stable form, so everything should work, if not, just download a previous version of the rundown while i work on any fixes, but for now this should be good; I made some changes to weapons again, i think just the special revolver and a few pistols, nothing major,
  • 1.9.1: C10 - added more resources to a few zones, changed light settings for the big dark zone; C6 - slightly nerfed an error alarm and an extra alarm during the error alarm; C4 - added more resources to first resource zone; made some more qol weapon changes; updated a lot of mod dependancies
  • 1.9.2: added back prelude geos dependancy, which was the root cause of c4 and c6 not working, strange because i ended up not using prelude geos a while back, but there you go, bugs fixed!
  • 1.9.3: C10 - added a very slight bit more resources; C7 - also added a very slight amount of resources, added more terminals at the zones in the beginning to make it easier to find resources too; Added back some missing weapon sound/model changes; ReadMe and Manifest update
  • 1.9.4: C3 - reworked the reactor waves and fixed the survivalWaveSettings for them as well, should work as intended now, repainted a few doors; added an early version of c11 since this is my dev profile, dont touch! unless u wanna i dont care; changes to a couple of weapon sounds and flashlights
  • 1.10.0: Added C11, I think it's the hardest level I made so good luck to all of you, if it's even possible, i just know the objective works lol; GOT THE FUCK RID OF THE SLUG SHOTGUN AND MADE A FUCKING LMG RAHHHHHHH, so now u can have a mg as a main weapon woooo, and some other weapon changes too
  • 1.10.1: Made BIG changes to C11's error waves, enemy distributions, resource distributions, and wave populations; some changes to carbine and removed charge up time on scattergun
  • 1.10.2: Another change to a particular error wave in the secondary to make spawns consistent
  • 1.10.3: Removal of dev error that made the mothers spawn every 20 seconds
  • 1.10.4: A few more changes to C11's resources, and also a pretty substantial change to the carbine
  • 1.10.5: A bug fix on C9 that locked people out from the main objective, for some reason the hisec cargo was required for the wrong door, also changed some wording on the objective; Added AdvancedWardenObjective dependency; added in a secret indev level for later :)
  • 1.10.6: A MASSIVE rework of C10, including slight rerolling, added a lot more resources, objective changes, a reworked secondary objective, new alarms and reworked alarms during different situations, removed soft-locking with cells, changed location/direction of some zones to reduce walking distances where possible; note that im not sure if this build is stable, but i dont have enough time to thoroughly test so ill just release it as is. i played through all the objectives so should be possible, not sure about balancing yet though
  • 1.10.7: Some Error happened during upload preventing launch, reuploading with fresh copy of rundown...
  • 1.11.0: Added C12 after weeks of drunken testing, should be fine! Also added some localization support, I hope i was able to change enough text entries to make objectives make sense even tho the selected language may be different than English. this means that all custom objective text will remain in English, but will not be completely different than the original text in other languages, hope that makes sense. sorry to all international players out there, id probs need a whole team for something like this lol
  • 1.11.1: removed a test level
  • 1.12.0: Released C13, maybe the hardest/longest level ive made? definitely a long one for sure, as usual takes a lot of computing power to run, only level to crash my pc several times during testing, so therefore, debugging may be slow. Level is 100% possible tho, thanks to Hirnukuono for the first official playtest and for finding out there was a softlock after completing most of the level rippppppp