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Adds a team PVP game mode to the game Risk of Rain 2

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This mod requires the following mods to function

tristanmcpherson-R2API-2.4.10 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.4.10
bbepis-BepInExPack-3.2.0 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 3.2.0


RoR2TeamPVP is a mod that adds a team PVP game mode to the game Risk of Rain 2.
Note: Everything is server sided, so only host needs this mod installed

(Optional: non host players can also vote on settings if they have the mod installed but isn't needed necessarily to play)
alt text

Also unlocks all artifacts
alt text

Old video example of mod in action (NOTE: a lot has been improved since):


Found a bug? Want a feature added?:

Feel free to submit an issue here on my github!


  • Custom Team PVP game mode
  • PVP
  • configurable randomized or fixed teams
  • configurable grace time until pvp starts
  • configurable periodic money gain during grace period
  • configurable respawn amount per match

  • Custom Playable Characters

  • configurable playable characters while in the character select screen, list of characters included!

  • Custom map generation

  • configurable custom map generation or vanilla
  • configurable disable or enable mob spawns

  • Ability to increase multiplayer limit

  • configurable multiplayer limit for if you want to play with more people

  • Ability for companions to share items

  • configurable giving of items to your companions

  • Ability to ban items and equipments

  • configurable banning of items, list of items included!

  • Includes 4 config files to balance your game as you see fit

  • TeamPVP.cfg
  • TeamPVPCustomPlayableCharacters.cfg
  • TeamPVPBannedItemList.cfg
  • TeamPVPCustomInteractablesSpawner.cfg

  • Extra features for you to find

  • Uka Uka Ouuu?


BepInExPack 3.2.0
R2API 2.4.10
Friends :(


  1. Install BepInExPack (Version is provided above)
  2. Install R2API (Version is provided above)
  3. Download and unzip RoR2TeamPVP (From releases or on thunderstore.io)
  4. Place RoR2PVP.dll into your \Risk of Rain 2\BepInEx\plugins\ folder


  1. Run your game at least once with the RoR2TeamPVP mod installed
  2. Navigate to \Risk of Rain 2\BepInEx\config
  3. Open TeamPVP.cfg with any text editor
  4. Open TeamPVPBannedItemList.cfg with any text editor
  5. Open TeamPVPCustomPlayableCharacters.cfg with any text editor
  6. Open TeamPVPCustomInteractablesSpawner.cfg with any text editor
  7. Edit the configs as you see fit

Default Config Values

Keys Default values
Grace Timer Duration 120
Cash Delay 10
Cash Grant Amount 50
Respawns Per Round 2
Max Multiplayer Count 4
Modded true


Default banned items


Character slots Default custom characters
commando slot CommandoBody
MUL-T slot CommandoBody
Huntress slot CommandoBody
Engineer slot BanditBody
Artificer slot BanditBody
Mercenary slot BanditBody
REX slot SniperBody
Loader slot SniperBody
Acrid slot SniperBody


keys Default Values
Mega Drone Amount 0
Mega Drone Price 300
Gunner Drone Amount 0
Gunner Drone Price -1
Missile Drone Amount 0
Missile Drone Price -1
Healer Drone Amount 8
Healer Drone Price -1
Equipment Drone Amount 0
Flame Drone Amount 0
Flame Drone Price -1
Turret Amount 0
Turret Price -1
Shrine Of Order Amount 2
Shrine Of Blood Amount 0
Shrine Of Chance Amount 3
Shrine Of Chance Price -1
Shrine Of Combat Amount 0
Shrine Of Healing Amount 0
Shrine Of Healing Price -1
Gold Shrine Amount 0
Gold Shrine Price -1
Capsule Amount 0
Radar Tower Amount 1
Radar Tower Price -1
Celestial Portal Amount 0
Shop Portal Amount 0
Duplicator Amount 2
Duplicator Large Amount 1
Duplicator Military Amount 0
Gold Chest Amount 2
Gold Chest Price -1
Small Chest Amount 16
Small Chest Price -1
Large Chest Amount 8
Large Chest Price -1
Damage Chest Amount 4
Damage Chest Price -1
Healing Chest Amount 4
Healing Chest Price -1
Utility Chest Amount 4
Utility Chest Price -1
Triple Shop Amount 3
Triple Shop Price -1
Triple Shop Large Amount 3
Triple Shop Large Price -1
Equipment Barrel Amount 6
Equipment Barrel Price -1
Lockbox Amount 4
Lunar Chest Amount 4


  • If you have any custom character mods that conflicts with this mod set Custom Playable Characters to false in TeamPVP.cfg
  • If you have any custom companion item giving mods that conflicts with this mod set Companions Share Items to false in TeamPVP.cfg
  • If you have any custom maps/generation mods that conflicts with this mod set Custom Interactables Spawner to false in TeamPVP.cfg
  • Note to modders with custom maps: In this mod a failsafe kill zone is generated at y coord -2200 if that is a problem set Use Death Plane Failsafe to false in TeamPVP.cfg. Just keep in mind that there will be no failsafes should this be disabled.


Special thanks to my friend Riley for helping me test https://github.com/SimpleManGames
Special thanks to my friend Justin for helping me test https://github.com/Sethix

Change log:

1.3.5 (Current)
- Updated to BepInExPack 3.2.0 and R2API 2.4.10
- Mobs and pvp team 2 are no longer in the same team!
- Added full unlock of artifacts
- Added item "Spinel Tonic" to the default item ban list
- Removed debug code left in from the previous build
- Fixed bug where some areas would result in a softlocked due to destroying essential gameobjects
- Updated to BepInExPack 3.1.0 and R2API 2.4.2
- Added a votable config system for certain mod settings during lobby
- Made the votable artifacts visible during lobby
- Added item "Razorwire" to the default item ban list
- Re-enabled config for removing the "Mod" build id for easy lobby hosting with non modded players (does not enable quickplay)
- Fixed bug where players were able to spawn infinite fireworks using the teleporter
- Migrated config entry "Random Teams" over to the votable config system
- Migrated config entry "Companions Share Items" over to the votable config system
- Migrated config entry "Disable Mob Spawn" over to the votable config system
- Migrated config entry "Custom Interactables Spawner" over to the votable config system
- Migrated config entry "Ban Items" over to the votable config system
- Migrated config entry "Custom Playable Characters" over to the votable config system
- Migrated config entry "Use Death Plane Failsafe" over to the votable config system
- Updated to R2API 2.3.7
- Added equipment "The Back-up" to the default item ban list
- Added character slot "Acrid" to the Custom Playable Characters config
- Updated to BepInExPack 3.0.0 and R2API 2.3.0
- Removed physical failsafe death plane for a player Y coord check
- Added commando to the default custom playable characters
- Added custom generation config (Balance the spawns how you like!)
- Added compatibility notice to the readme to make a few things clear
- Added money scaling when Custom Interactables Spawner is false
- Tweaked the config
- Buffed sniper(No more slow debuff when using the scope and instead gains an attack speed buff)
- Added built-in kill zone (height: -2200) as a fail safe if you fall past the vanilla kill zone to prevent soft lock
- Note: if you still somehow get past this death plane, then there was either no CharacterBody component or you desynced from the server in which case i can't do anything for you
- Fixed death planes softlocking certain players when teams are changed
- Fixed bug where custom characters would still be notified to the player even when Custom Playable Characters is false
- Fixed bug where companions wouldn't showing up in the ui for the player when pvp mode is enabled
- Fixed bug where companions wouldn't attack certain players when pvp mode is enabled
- Removed leftovers
- Removed unallowed stuff
- Initial release

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2020-4-5 1.3.5 15 60dfb16d5e944afc-RoR2TeamPVP-1.3.5.zip Install
2020-3-25 1.3.0 192 60dfb16d5e944afc-RoR2TeamPVP-1.3.0.zip Install
2020-1-2 1.1.3 643 60dfb16d5e944afc-RoR2TeamPVP-1.1.3.zip Install
2019-11-15 1.1.2 283 60dfb16d5e944afc-RoR2TeamPVP-1.1.2.zip Install