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The comfiest rebalance. A major overhaul for skills and characters once consigned to the abyss. Includes an artifact to make items rare but powerful. Optionally rebalances foes to stay dangerous without becoming bullet sponges.

By Navarth
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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.3.1
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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.5.14



The comfiest rebalance in the sea, brought to you by Hoppo Games. Fuelled by cake, witchery, and the work of industrious haremhorns.


Expect a full rebalance of abilities and survivors that have fallen by the wayside, with optional modifiers to fine-tune the HP scaling of foes while maintaining their threat to the player at a level appropriate to the difficulty.

Hoppou's even thrown in an artifact of her own, making items scarce to discover, but tripling their power and granting Survivors a significant boost to their stat gain per-level to compensate. The little guy is hungry, so it works well with Sacrifice!

Balance Changes

-Monster and Boss HP scale adjusted to 50% and 75% of default. This should allow monsters to continue to scale up as threats at the normal speed, without becoming bloated balls of HP. This can be set back to default or adjusted to personal taste using the mod's config file.

-Base survivor movement speed increased from 7.5 to 8.5 before all item effects. Survivors should now be a tad speedier at the start of the run. The config file also allows this to be adjusted, for those who would like the classic experience or something even more sanic.

-Monster Rebalance in progress, for certain outliers. Once again this can be toggled on or off to taste! --Clay Templar wind-up time increased by 0.6s, wind-down time by 0.35s --Clay Templar damage reduced to 85% of default --Lesser Wisp accuracy cone increased by 50% - should allow more of a proper "shotgun" feel at longer ranges; less of a laser.

-Multiplicative difficulty scaling eased for additional players in multiplayer games. The new formula should be closer to an even boost in difficulty, rather than one that makes a four-person run significantly harder than a two-person run, etc. The strength of the adjustment can be customized in the config if you'd like easier or harder scaling per player.

-Optional multipliers in the config file to adjust how much money and EXP players receive during a run, as well as the rate at which costs increase as the run progresses. These default to values set for the standard RoR2 experience, but can be tweaked if you'd like to further modify the difficulty of your runs.

Many Skill and Survivor tweaks with a focus on buffing underperforming abilities and improving general game feel and risk/reward. Including:

Artificer -Flamethrower hit particles increased in size to actually enjoyable levels -Flamethrower damage increased by 1.35x (~2300% over its full duration) -Flamethrower base range increased from 20 to 30. Now scales with Survivor movement speed -Increased the hit radius and added a slight random scatter effect to the Flamethrower to widen its reach -Increased the visual fire rate of hits emitted by the Flamethrower (Effective DPS and proc coefficient unchanged) -Nova Bomb max charge time increased from 2 to 3 seconds; damage at max charge increased accordingly. (A two-second charge will hit as hard as before, but the damage ceiling has been raised)

Captain -Taser damage coefficient increased to 600% in hopes it will be even slightly useful

Commando -Major overhaul to Suppressive Fire: now fires twice as many shots for twice as long as before, with a dramatically larger cone of effect but less damage per individual hit. Functions as a mid-range group suppression tool or a close-range high DPS bullet hose. -Major overhaul to Combat Roll: now has 3 charges that refresh when not rolling, rolls much quicker but covers less distance, and grants several iframes (temporary invulnerability) at the start to allow skilled players to "perfect dodge" attacks with good timing. iFrame behaviour can be customized in the config. -Phase Rounds damage coefficient increased from 300% to 650%, enabling it to trigger Bands (and stand any chance of being picked over Phase Blast) -Phase Rounds projectile speed increased dramatically -Overhaul to Grenade mechanics: --Grenade travel speed increased slightly --Now explodes on contact with enemies or after a fixed 2.5 second fuse from the time of being thrown --Grenade damage increased to 900% from 700% (225% from 175% at edges), knockback increased --Grenade VFX scaled up (15x!) to more than an explosive soap bubble

Engineer -Bouncing Grenades' charge can now be held almost indefinitely -Thermal Harpoons' damage increased from 500% per harpoon to 800% per harpoon

Huntress -Arrow Rain damage increased from 330% per tick to 500% per tick

Loader -Grapple Fist cooldown lowered to 2 seconds, pull speed increased -Grapple Fist and Spiked Fist max range now scales with Movement Speed (2 units per 1 speed)

MUL-T -Scrap Launcher damage coefficient increased from 360% to 450% -Scrap Launcher area of effect increased by 2x -Power Saw now chips scrap off the enemy for a magnetic barrier, granting 1.25% barrier per tick (configurable)

The Artifact of Primacy

A new artifact that reduces the spawn rate of items to a scarce few, but each one obtained grants three stacks instead of one. In addition, player stats (including attack speed, crit, movement speed, jump height, and armour) now rise with levels as a bit of insurance against the whims of the RNGods.

Sacrifice and Command are fully supported with Primacy - though one questions the purpose of using it and Command at the same time. You do you, I suppose.

Multiplayer convenience features for this artifact are still being developed, but it can be used with others. Just... remember to share. Or don't. Your Engineer didn't need the run's only fungi anyway.


After running the mod at least once, find the HoppouRebalance .cfg file in the BepInEx\config folder.

Options include: -Monster HP scaling ratio -Teleporter Boss HP scaling ratio (including hordes and anything with a "teleporter blocking" HP bar) -Survivor base movement speed -Survivor Money and EXP gain -Monster Rebalance on/off -Survivor Rebalances on/off -Multiplayer difficulty scaling ratio per player

How to Install

Simply install through r2modman or 1 - Download HoppouRebalance 2 - Extract the "HoppouRebalance" folder to your BepInEx\plugins folder 3 - Enjoy!



  • Initial release


  • Removed Mercenary speed increase (patched by base game now)
  • Clay Templar damage scaling changed from 70% to 85% due to lower than expected damage in practice
  • Changed instances of "Honpo" into Hoppou - whoops!


  • Added config options to enable/disable reworks of each survivor individually.
  • Added config options to adjust MP difficulty scaling per player manually.
  • Added config option to disable MP difficulty calculation adjustments if they conflict with another mod.


  • Added config options to set custom EXP and Money gain multipliers for Survivors.


  • Reworked Commando's Combat Roll to a short-range evasive roll with 3 stacks that grants i-frames.
  • Added a config option to adjust Combat Roll i-frames.
  • Increased Phase Rounds damage coefficient to 650% and projectile speed to 450.
  • Reworked Commando Grenade to explode on contact with enemies or a fixed 2.5s fuse after being thrown.


  • Adjusted Phase Rounds projectile speed to 220 and impact frequency to 120 to prevent non-registered shots.
  • Commando Grenade velocity reduced slightly and angle adjusted for better mid-range throws.


  • Loader Grapple Fist cooldown lowered to 1.5 seconds, pull speed increased.
  • Grapple Fist and Spiked Fist max range now scales with Movement Speed (2 units per 1 speed).
  • MUL-T Scrap Launcher damage coefficient increased from 360% to 450%.
  • MUL-T Scrap Launcher area of effect increased by 2x.
  • Fixed an issue where Mercenary's Slicing Winds was not firing correctly.


  • MUL-T Power Saw now grants 1.25% barrier per tick of damage.
  • Added config options for specific ability tweaks (delete the config file and relaunch if issues arise).


  • Added config option to control the exponential growth of chest/shop costs as the run progresses.


  • Bugfix for a dependency issue where some players previously couldn't see the Artifact of Primacy.


  • Added a config option to enable or disable the Artifact of Primacy in the artifacts panel (default on).
  • Added support for printers, Bazaar shops, and other interactables that consume items to the Artifact of Primacy. Their prices will now reflect the extra items received from them.


  • Replaced the Survivor base movement speed value with a base movement speed multiplier. This should allow better compatibility with other mods, and maintain proportional differences between survivors of different base speeds.


  • Added config options for Artificer flamethrower damage and Commando grenade fuse time.


If you'd like to make any suggestions, encounter issues, or just want to chat about modding or comfy abyssals, just drop by the RoR2 Modding Discord at and @Navarth.