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Collection of changes to make gameplay more consistently enjoyable.

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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

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Kanna's Quality of Life

My friend gave me a list of things to improve the flow of gameplay. So I did.

Things this mod adds

  • Instant Scrapping and Printing
  • Scrapper(s) in Bazaar (up to however many players there are)
  • Ping Lunar Seers to see destination
  • Teleporter instantly finishes charging after boss is killed, with time adjusted
  • Guaranteed Cleansing Pool on Alphesian Sanctuary
  • Only pet the glass frog once for deep void portal


  • Testing (hahaha.. good one)
  • Add Pinging Red Chests / Newt Altars on stage start
  • Add config file

Special Thanks

  • Kanna
  • Kevin (Scrapper in shop implementation)
  • mrchous & Arbition (formulas for tele charge skip)



  • Mostly done, just need to add pinged items at stage start

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