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Adds content from Lobotomy Corporation. Currently adds 1 survivor, 7 enemies, 5 survivor variants, and 2 skills.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

bbepis-BepInExPack-5.4.9 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.9
RiskofThunder-HookGenPatcher-1.2.1 icon

MMHOOK generation at runtime.

Preferred version: 1.2.1
tristanmcpherson-R2API-5.0.5 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 5.0.5
pseudopulse-Survariants-1.0.0 icon

A system for adding survivor variants.

Preferred version: 1.0.0


Raindrop Lobotomy

Adds content from Lobotomy Corporation.



  • A Sweeper

Survivor Variants:

  • Bandit :: Magic Bullet
  • Void Fiend :: Mimicry
  • Blade Lineage Mercenary
  • Commando :: Solemn Lament
  • MULT :: Grinder MK. 5-2


  • Clockwork Spring (Steam Machine ego gift)


  • Fragment of the Universe
  • Steam Transport Machine
  • Singing Machine
  • 1.76 MHz


  • Yield My Flesh (Mercenary Special)
  • Solemn Lament (Commando Primary)


  • Process of Understanding (Noon)
  • Helix of the End (Midnight)
  • The Sweepers (Noon)

Ordeals will appear after spending too long on the same stage. Can be configured.

Content Screenshots

Survivor Previews

Grinder MK52 Solemn Lament Blade Lineage Mercenary Sweeper Mimicry Magic Bullet


pseudopulse - programming, models, animations

smxrez - Solemn Lament gun replacement model, playtesting

monsterskinman - playtesting, ideas

project moon - making the amazing series where all of the visual designs, sounds, and sprites here come from



  • grinder mk5-2 now does an upwards leap after leaving rest mode
  • landing a hit on Terminate now halts your fall
  • slowed down the static of 1.76 MHz
  • made the static of 1.76 MHz grayscale
  • made Disable Limiter not target destroyable props like barrels or sulfur pods


  • survivor variant: grinder mk5-2 mult
  • enemy: 1.76 MHz
  • added configs for enabling/disabling enemies


  • buffed magic bullet damage coefficients
  • bullet of despair now fires to the cursor
  • flooding bullets gives more armor
  • added a config option to replace solemn lament's ding sound with the crit sound effect
  • added a config option to replace magic bullet's gunshot and portal open with vanilla sounds
  • firing magic bullet now only consumes ammo if it auto-aimed onto an enemy (manually aimed shots dont count towards the 7)
  • made configs generate on mod load instead of the first time they get accessed
  • readme update 2: electric boogaloo


  • updated desc


  • added new survivor variant: solemn lament commando
  • fixed bl merc throwing a nullref when a forgotten relics lightning rod landed a crit (so true??)


  • fixed Unrelenting and HiddenInvincibility granted by Yield My Flesh / To Claim Their Bones being really inconsistent (sometimes not being granted, sometimes never getting removed)


  • Acupuncture now dashes to where you're aiming instead of directly forwards


  • fixed BL merc shitting nullrefs every frame if a living body had no inventory assigned
  • undocumented from 1.2.0: blind vermin can no longer be shelled


  • added new survivor variant: blade lineage mercenary
  • reduced the base health of Process of Understanding to 740


  • we love ability stealing


  • shelling an enemy with Wear Shell or Goodbye now incurs a 2 second period where you cannot shell an enemy weaker than your current shell. this ensures you will always shell the strongest available during these skills.


  • most stuff is networked now
  • sweeper's Scatter Fuel now has backwards recoil and no longer locks movement (can be configured off)
  • ally sweeper names are longer
  • g?ood?bye no longer breaks on kill occassionally
  • g?ood?bye properly turns enemies into a fine, red.. uhhh... cloud..?
  • magic bullet bandit now has proper footsteps and ragdolls on death
  • magic bullet bandit's ignition hitbox is now identical to regular bandit's slash
  • mimicry now ragdolls on death


  • fixed mithrix breaking sometimes
  • fixed ordeals making the hud invisible in multiplayer
  • changed how ordeals are picked, now preset for the 5 stages in a loop instead of repeating midnight after s5
  • moved ordeals to the objectives tab (they are not required to leave the stage!!)


  • fixed Beetle Guards sunder being shelled when it shouldnt (it doesnt work)
  • fixed bug where equipping merc's beheaded skin after previously equipping solemn lament would break rendering for the rest of the session
  • made flooding bullets have 3 charges and consume 1 per shot
  • flooding bullets can now be canceled early, only consuming charges equiv to 1 shot
  • lowered sfx volume across the board
  • made sfx properly follow the in-game sound volume slider


  • fixed silent advance creating an infinitely looping sound effect
  • fixed mb bandit skill descs
  • fixed mimicry specials canceling themselves
  • fixed mimicry not prioritizing specific shell skills when stealing
  • blacklisted alot of modded enemies who dont have functional skills for mimicry to steal
  • bullet of despair does less self damage (same damage to enemies)
  • h?ell?o has standard falloff instead of buckshot now
  • flooding bullets now grants an armor boost during the state


  • more bugfixes wooooo!!!!!1


  • fixed a bug with weapon replacements that broke all skins


  • readme update


  • release