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Adds content from Lobotomy Corporation. Currently adds 1 survivor, 7 enemies, 5 survivor variants, and 2 skills.
Last updated: 3 days ago
Gamers of the Cracked Emoji
(aka GOTCE) The ultimate variety content mod for ROR2, making the game even more crazy than it already is. Currently adds a large variety of creative content. Now the largest item and enemy mod on Thunderstore!
Last updated: a month ago
Adds (currently 3) extra drones!
Last updated: 2 months ago
Adds the elite aspects as usable skins! Works with modded survivors and can be used simultaneously with other skins!
Last updated: 2 months ago
A complete balance overhaul for a much more fast-paced and challenging game with much less autoplay. Check out the mod page for more information. Extremely configurable.
Last updated: 8 months ago
WARNING. DO NOT PLAY THIS MOD. EVER. FOR YOUR SANITY. I WARNED YOU. Adds a couple of artifacts that completely break the game.
Last updated: a year ago
Melee range is death.
Last updated: a year ago