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Adds Sonic the Hedgehog as a playable survivor with a moveset mostly based on his from Sonic Frontiers.

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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 4.0.11
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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.1902


Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic's the name and speed is his game! Sonic is a survivor who's all about quick movements and close range single target damage. Sonic's higher than normal movement speed and many movement skills let him jump from enemy to enemy when in combat, or explore the map quickly when looting. Though he's frail, his quick movements and invincibility frames let him avoid danger while he does major damage to nearby enemies.


Passive - Momentum

Build up speed by running down hill to move up to 100% faster. Lose speed by running up hill to move up to 33% slower.

Primary - Melee

Melee nearby enemies dealing 200% damage. Every 5th hit deals 600% damage. Targeting an enemy in the distance will use the Homing Attack, dealing 600% damage.

5-hit melee combo. Looking at an enemy that's out of melee range but within a certain distance will use the homing attack, quickly bringing you to the enemy and dealing damage on contact. The speed and max distance of the homing attack scales with movement speed. While approaching an enemy with the homing attack, you get 100 armor.

Secondary - Sonic Boom

Fire shockwaves dealing 2x160% damage.

Fire 2 small projectiles straight forward that create a small explosion on impact. Start with 3 charges by default. All charges come back at once after a 5 second cooldown.

Utility - Boost

Spend boost meter to move 35% faster than normal. If health is near full, move 65% faster instead. If airborne, do a short mid-air dash.

While boosting, your movement speed is increased by 35% and you are given 50 armor. If your health is above 90%, you will power boost, increasing speed by 65%. Activating boost gives invincibility for a brief moment. Boosting will drain your boost meter. If the boost meter runs out, you will be unable to boost again until the meter is recharged. The boost meter recharges overtime when not boosting. % based cooldown reduction, such as Alien Head or Brainstalks, will reduce the speed at which the boost meter is drained and increase the speed it comes back. Flat cooldown reduction, such as Purity, will increase the max capacity of the boost meter. By default, you can use boost as a mid-air dash once before having to touch the ground. Any additional utility stocks, such as those from Hardlight Afterburner, will let you use the mid-air dash more times before having to touch the ground.

Special - Grand Slam

Homing. Dash forward into an enemy to attack with 140% damage repeatedly before unleashing a powerful attack from above dealing 2200% damage.

This attack will home in on the enemy closest to the crosshair, similar to the homing attack. The amount of repeated weak hits you will do is 5 by default, but increases with attack speed. After landing the initial dash attack, you will have invincibility for the rest of the move's duration. 12 second cooldown.

Compatible Mods

  • CustomEmotesAPI
  • BetterUI
  • RiskOfOptions
  • StandaloneAncientScepter (Upgrades utility skill)

I might add in the future, I might not, who knows

  • Logbook entry
  • Mastery skin
  • More transitions between animations
  • Collectable chaos emeralds and super form




  • (Bug Fix) Probably fixed NREs from alt secondary skill achievement

Known Issues

  • Boost meter is kinda shaky as clients in multiplayer
  • Jumping animation is not synced in multiplayer (Apparently they aren't synced for any survivor?!)
  • (New Skill) Added a new alternate secondary skill. This can be unlocked by completing a newly added achievement (Or just unlocking it with the config)

  • (New Skill/Compatibility) Added support for StandaloneAncientScepter. Upgrade Boost into Thundering Boost, dealing damage to enemies you run through

  • (Assets) Small adjustments to most VFX

  • (Assets) Small adjustments to a few animations

  • (Assets) Created new "Homing" keyword and added it to applicable skill descriptions

  • (+) Boost speed scaling has been adjusted to increase base move speed and move speed multipliers (Default movement speed is the same, but scales better with other movement speed buffs)

  • (+) Momentum passive now has a unique interaction with flying. While flying, build momentum by moving in a straight line

  • (=) The camera now zooms out while boosting

  • (Bug Fix) Fixed cases where Sonic's primary wasn't proccing shuriken

  • (QoL) Using Grand Slam without a target and then hitting something will now set that enemy as the target for the rest of the attack (I've been trying to do this from the very beginning)

  • (Read Me) Added a section listing compatible mods

  • (Changelog) Put older patch notes into dropdown menus

  • (Assets) Many animations have been changed slightly

  • (Assets) A new animation has been added for entering boost while standing still

  • (+) Movement while meleeing has been adjusted, giving slightly more movement based on movement speed

  • (+) Using Grand Slam without a target now goes further

  • (=) Adjusted hit stop for melee and homing attack

  • (-) Max targeting range of all homing skills has been reduced

  • (Bug Fix) Melee and homing attack sounds no longer desync

  • (QoL) There is now a reticle for aiming homing skills

  • (QoL) New config option for whether homing attacks require a key press to be triggered or whether they can be activated by holding the key down

  • (Read Me) Removed mention of homing skills scaling with sprint speed (Sprint speed is jank and I can't get the scaling to work)

  • (Assets) The following sound effects have been added

    • Jumping
    • Starting melee attacks
    • Landing melee attacks
    • Starting a homing attack
    • Landing a homing attack
    • Firing a sonic boom
    • Landing a sonic boom
    • Boosting
    • Switching between boost types
    • Charging a Grand Slam
    • Landing each hit of Grand Slam
    • Dying
  • (Assets) Updated all icons

  • (+) Bandolier now restores a small portion of the boost meter

  • (=) Walking speed reduced but sprinting speed multiplier increased, max speed stays the same (10 and 1.45 -> 8.5 and 1.7)

  • (Bug Fix) Replaced v0.4.1's temporary fix to passive skill stuff with a permanent fix

  • (Bug Fix) Fixed small bug with the speed decrease of the momentum passive

  • (Bug Fix) Fixed being permanently stuck after using a homing skill with 0 movement speed

  • (Bug Fix) With the power of extreme jank, Malachite Aspects no longer break every bone in Sonic's body. All jitter bones placed on Sonic will be forcefully removed

  • (Bug Fix) Exiting boost mid-air no longer stops the jump ball animation

  • (Compatibility) RiskOfOptions compatibility with settings to adjust boost meter positioning

  • (Compatibility) BetterUI compatibility

  • (Read Me) Added momentum passive and general information about Sonic to the read me

  • (Optimization) Stat changes now mark stats as dirty instead of calling recalc directly

  • (Bug Fix) Temporary band-aid fix to issue with Sonic's passive skill and passive skill family

  • (New Skill) Added the Momentum passive. This passive makes Sonic speed up when running down hill and slow down when running up hill

  • (Assets) New VFX has been added for the following

    • Starting boost
    • Starting power boost
    • Starting a homing attack
    • Landing a homing attack
    • Landing any melee attack
    • Landing the final kick of Grand Slam
  • (Assets) The boost meter will now glow when power boosting

  • (Assets) Added ending text

  • (Assets) Slight tweaks to skill icons

  • (Bug Fix) The max time you can spend in Grand Slam's final kick now scales with movement speed, so low movement speed doesn't stop the attack from landing


  • (Compatibility) Mostly moved from On.RecalculateStats to RecalculateStatsAPI (RecalculateStatsAPI where is my acceleration stat)

  • (Compatibility) CustomEmotesAPI support

  • (Compatibility) Sonic will now have proper movement and infinite mid-air boosts while flying (Milky Chrysalis)

  • (Compatibility) The slow descent at the end of Milky Chrysalis can now be cancelled by using any homing skill

  • (Compatibility) Sonic is now compatible with utility skill replacements (For the 0 people who would want to replace Boost with Essence of Heresy)

  • (Assets) T-Posing no more! The following animations have been added

    • Jumping
    • Spinning in a ball
    • Grand Slam's final kick
    • Ascending/Descending
    • Dying
    • Idle animation for not moving for a while
  • (Assets) The boost meter has been redone with these new features

    • No longer breaks from changes in screen resolution
    • Now has custom visuals to show changes in the boost cap
    • Infinite boost icon now properly fades away like the normal boost meter does
  • (Assets) Added some vfx to Sonic to indicate power boosting

  • (Assets) Skill descriptions changed slightly

  • (+) Flat cooldown reduction (Purity) now increases the boost cap much more (10 -> 25)

  • (=) Boost speed and power boost speed have been adjusted to make the difference more noticeable (40/60 -> 35/65)

  • (-) The auto-targeting of the final hit of Grand Slam can no longer track upwards

  • (Bug Fix) Fixed boost sometimes not switching between normal and power boost speeds

  • (Bug Fix) Fixed permanent invincibility involving Grand Slam and Volcanic Egg

  • (Assets) Redone textures

  • (Assets) Made visuals for the Sonic Boom projectile

  • (Assets) Small tweaks to some vfx

  • (Assets) Added skill icons

  • (+) Melee hitboxes are now slightly larger

  • (+) The final hit of Grand Slam now does more knockback

  • (=) Sonic Boom and the start-up of Grand Slam now slow to a stop instead of stopping immediately

  • (=) Sonic Boom projectile is now smaller to make it collide with the floor less

  • (-) The repeated attacks of Grand Slam can no longer kill

  • (Bug Fix) Missing the final kick of Grand Slam will now set your velocity to 0, preventing fall damage

  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a lot of weird animation transitions

  • (Bug Fix) Picking up an item that gives additional utility skill stocks (Hardlight Afterburner) while grounded will now immediately restore all utility stocks

  • (Bug Fix) Sonic is no longer extra small in the character select screen (He's not THAT short)

  • Initial Release

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

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2023-11-19 1.2.1 17013 Version 1.2.1 Install
2023-11-11 1.2.0 9870 Version 1.2.0 Install
2023-10-3 1.1.0 16351 Version 1.1.0 Install
2023-9-4 1.0.0 11790 Version 1.0.0 Install
2023-8-15 0.4.1 6188 Version 0.4.1 Install
2023-8-15 0.4.0 439 Version 0.4.0 Install
2023-7-31 0.3.0 4948 Version 0.3.0 Install
2023-7-22 0.2.0 3883 Version 0.2.0 Install
2023-7-14 0.1.0 2861 Version 0.1.0 Install