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Adds a damage log to the HUD to show what you have taken damage from recently — [ client-side ]

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.2113


damage log

A client-side mod that adds a damage log to the HUD to show what you have taken damage from recently.

damage log sample screenshot


sometimes it can be hard to tell what you are taking damage from.


cycleUserKey (default: left alt) can be used to cycle between player damage logs in multiplayer.


The configuration file is automatically reloaded when the UI is created (at the start of each stage)

  • how long entries are logged for can be adjusted
  • how many entries are logged can be adjusted
  • the log only being visible in the scoreboard can be enabled
  • the log being presented in simple text mode can be enabled
  • [ bonus ] generating damage logs for bosses can be enabled
Portraits mode Simple text mode
portraits mode damage log sample screenshot simple text mode damage log sample screenshot
  • the size of various damage log UI elements can be adjusted (under the m_Debug section)


please report any issues to the GitHub repository!

  • damage inflicted by enemies that have been killed (debuffs, delayed explosions, projectiles, trails) may be attributed to The Planet as the reference to the original attacker no longer exists
  • damage from Pots (Abandoned Aqueduct) and Fusion Cells (Rallypoint Delta) are attributed to The Planet
    • sometimes attributed correctly on non-hosts?
    • why do Sulfur Pods (Sulfur Pools) not have the same issue?

see also

  • DamageHistory src by Bubbet — alternative, inspired this implementation
    • tracks damage until fully healed(?)
    • text only
    • a bit hard to parse
  • ShowDeathCause src by NotTsunami — shows extra information about the attacker that killed you on the game end screen