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Adds 33 new items! LookingGlass recommended.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.2113
tristanmcpherson-R2API-5.0.5 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 5.0.5
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MMHOOK generation at runtime.

Preferred version: 1.2.3



Adds 33 new items to Risk of Rain 2!
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Mod Compatibility

Generally compatible with most mods. Supports integration with LookingGlass. See below for compatibility issues.

TooManyItems LookingGlass
v0.1.x v1.5.0
v0.2.0 and after v1.5.1 and after


If you would like to help translate this mod, please reach out to me through DM on discord @shirograhm or create a pull request to this repository with the changes. Do not translate anything inside of <> or {}, as those are used to denote font color and stat values.

Issue Reports

Please report any issues you find (bug, typo, mistranslation, incompatibility with another mod, etc.) on the github issues tracker. If possible, provide the output log as it often makes debugging much easier.


The following values are configurable. To do so, run the game once with the mod installed, then navigate to the TooManyItems.cfg file, edit the values and relaunch the game. If configuration issues persist, don't hesitate to delete the config file and let the mod regenerate it for you.


Ancient Coin Ancient Coin Gain 100% (+100% per stack) more gold. Take 25% (+25% per stack) more damage.
Carving Blade Carving Blade Deal 1% (+1% per stack) of enemy current health as bonus on-hit damage. You cannot critically strike.
Crucifix Crucifix Reduce damage taken by 40%. Taking damage sets you on fire for 5% max health over 3 (+3 per stack) seconds.
Spirit Stone Spirit Stone On-kill, gain 1 (+1 per stack) permanent shield. Lose 30% (+30% per stack) max HP.
Shadow Crest Shadow Crest Regenerate 1.5% (+1.5% per stack) of your missing health every second.
Defiled Heart Defiled Heart Gain 350 HP. Also, gain 1% (+1% per stack) of your max health as bonus BASE damage.
Abacus Abacus Killing an enemy grants 1% (+1% per stack) crit chance until the next stage. Every 1% crit chance above 100% grants 1% crit damage.
Blood Dice Blood Dice On-kill, gain 2 to 12 permanent HP, up to a max of 550 (+550 per stack) HP.
Glass Marbles Glass Marbles Gain 2.5 (+2.5 per stack) BASE damage per level.
Golden Horseshoe Golden Horseshoe Gain a random assortment of stat bonuses that are rerolled upon entering a new stage. These bonuses scale with level, and each additional stack increases all bonuses by 30%.
Iron Heart Iron Heart Gain 200 HP. Deal 2% (+2% per stack) of your max health as bonus on-hit damage.
Permafrost Permafrost Dealing damage has a 3% (+3% per stack) chance to freeze enemies. You deal 90% (+90% per stack) bonus damage to frozen enemies.
Rusty Trowel Rusty Trowel On-hit, gain 1 (+1 per stack) Mulch. Every 8 (-30% per stack) seconds, consume all stacks and heal for 3 HP per stack.
Broken Mask Broken Mask Dealing damage burns enemies for 2% (+2% per stack) max health over 5 seconds. Does not apply itself.
Fleece Hoodie Fleece Hoodie The next timed buff received has its duration increased by 40% (+40% per stack). Recharges every 8 (-15% per stack) seconds.
Epinephrine Epinephrine After taking damage, gain 60% attack speed for 1.5 (+1.5 per stack) seconds.
Holy Water Holy Water Killing an elite enemy grants all allies 1% to 100% (+50% per stack) of its max health as bonus experience, scaling with difficulty.
Magnifying Glass Magnifying Glass Gain 5% crit chance. Critical strikes have an 6% (+6% per stack) chance to Analyze the enemy, increasing their damage taken by 18% from all sources.
Seal of the Heretic Seal of the Heretic Gain 0.3 (+0.3 per stack) BASE damage for every 1% missing health.
Soul Ring Soul Ring On-kill, permanently increase your health regeneration by 0.1 HP/s, up to a maximum of 5 (+3 per stack) HP/s.
3D Glasses 3D Glasses Gain 6% (+6% per stack) critical strike chance and 6% (+6% per stack) critical strike damage.
Bottle Cap Bottle Cap Reduce your ultimate skill cooldown by 8% (+8% per stack).
Debit Card Debit Card Get an 8% (+8% per stack) rebate on purchases.
Edible Glue Edible Glue On-kill, slow enemies within 8m (+8m per stack) by 80% for 4 seconds.
Loaf of Bread Loaf of Bread While the teleporter is charging, killing enemies heals you for 5% (+5% per stack) of your missing health.
Milk Carton Milk Carton Reduce damage taken from elite enemies by 8% (+8% per stack).
Paper Plane Paper Plane Gain 18% (+18% per stack) movement speed while airborne.
Photodiode Photodiode On-hit, gain 2.5% attack speed for 10 seconds. Stacks up to a max of 8 (+8 per stack) times.
Rubber Ducky Rubber Ducky Gain 5 (+5 per stack) armor.


Chalice Chalice On activation, pay 90% of your current health to Consecrate yourself and all allies. Consecrated allies gain 30% damage and 90% attack speed for 10 seconds. [70 second cooldown]
Crown of Vanity Crown of Vanity Gain stacks of Hubris on-kill. Each stack reduces your BASE damage by 3%, exponentially. Activate this equipment to cleanse all stacks and deal 200% damage per stack to a target enemy. [30 second cooldown]
Tattered Scroll Tattered Scroll On activation, curse enemies within 60m of you for 10 seconds. Killing cursed enemies grants 20 additional gold. [100 second cooldown]
Totem of Prayer Totem of Prayer On activation, grants either 100 armor, 25% damage, 75% attack speed, or 10% max HP/s regeneration for 12 seconds. [55 second cooldown]


  • Programming: shirograhm
  • Translations: MushroomEl (github), JustBro (discord)

This mod is and will always be 100% free. That being said, if you enjoy the mod and would like to support my general well-being, you can do so here.