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Go Beyond... 1.2.2 - Fixed networking API requirement

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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 4.3.5
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It's a library for other devs!!! It allows adding more skills for characters

Preferred version: 1.5.1



Shigaraki Tomura mod for Ror2 Go Beyond, Plus Chaos!


Adds Shigaraki from My Hero Academia, an initially weaker survivor which can steal 'quirks' from enemies, gaining their abilites/skills.

Multiplayer works (hopefully). CustomEmotesAPI compatibility.

Message me on the Risk of Rain 2 Modding Discord if there are any issues- TeaL#5571.

If you enjoy my work, support me on Ko-fi!

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Latest Changelog, Next update(s)

  • 1.2.2

    • Fixed missing networking API.
  • 1.2.1

    • Added Imp Boss to the passive indicator list (missed it).
    • Non-hosts can now get elite aspects as well.
  • 1.2.0

    • New Icons! (Courtersy of Mr.Bones)
    • Model setup for skin by Mr.Bones
  • Next update(s)

    • Bug fixes.
    • Adding quirk synergies/combos.
    • More particle effects/visuals.

Known Issues

Non-hosts can spawn the elite aspect but not pick them up.


He is initially weak with low base damage, aim to get passive quirks to increase his power.
[LeftHanded] and [RightHanded] skills can be used simultaneously. 
All For One can grab elite equipment from elites. 



Shigaraki can grab the target's quirk with All For One.

Actives(Circle Indicator) replace main skills and Passives(Square indicator) replace extra skills.

Both can be replaced at any time. Passive skills still have All for One functionality.

All [Melee] attacks Decay, which decreases the enemies' movespeed and attackspeed as well as instakilling them at 50 stacks (except for Teleporter Bosses).

Shigaraki can sprint in any direction and has a double jump.

Base Skills

Skill Description Stats
Slam and Decay the ground/air around you, dealing 300% damage.

[Melee] [Decay]
Proc: 1.
Bullet Laser
Shoot piercing lasers for 5x300% damage.

Proc: 0.3.
CD: 3s.
Air Cannon
Blasts an air shockwave behind you.
Does 400% damage and propels you forward.

[Melee] [Decay]
Proc: 1.
CD: 5s.
Boosts your next attack to deal 3x damage.
Triples the number of projectiles, shots and decay stacks as well.

[Melee] [Ranged]
CD: 8s.
All For One Steal the Target's quirk. Steal the elite aspect as well.
Hold the button for 3 seconds to remove quirks.
CD: 1s.

Active Skills

Active Quirk User Description Stats
Flight Jump and float in the air, disabling gravity for 10 seconds. CD: 6s.
Drop and slam down, stunning and dealing 400% damage,
gaining 5% of your max health as barrier.
Damage, radius and barrier gain scales with drop time and movespeed.

[Melee] [Decay] [Movespeed]
Proc: 1.
CD: 4s.
Charging Charge forward at super speed, and if you slam into a solid object,
generates a shockwave that stuns enemies for 600% damage.
Hold the button down to keep charging.
Damage and radius scales with charge duration.

[Melee] [LeftHanded] [Decay] [Movespeed]
Proc: 1.
CD: 4s.
Summon 3 spiked balls, then release them, dealing 400% damage per ball.

[Ranged] [LeftHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD: 6s.
Release a tar shockwave, and send a mortar into the sky,
which rains down on enemies around you, both dealing 200% damage.

[Melee] [Ranged] [LeftHanded] [Decay]
Proc: 1.
CD: 7s.
Shoot a rapid hail of tar bullets, tarring and dealing 30% damage per bullet.

[Ranged] [RightHanded]
Proc: 0.05.
CD: 1s.
Image Hold the button down to charge a fire blast,
When released, deals 200% damage per hit.
Number of hits and radius scales with charge duration.

[Melee] [RightHanded]
Proc: 0.5.
CD: 1s.
Image For 4 seconds, your attacks explode, dealing 50% of the attack's damage.
Additional uses adds to the current duration.

CD: 8s.
Blink Image Blink a short distance away, scaling with movespeed.

Stocks: 3.
CD: 4s.
Image Detonate an explosion on the target, stunning and dealing 2000% damage.
This explosion can hurt the user as well.
Radius scales with attackspeed.

[Ranged] [RightHanded]
Proc: 2.
CD: 6s.
Fireball Image Shoot a fireball, burning and dealing 200% damage.

[Ranged] [LeftHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD: 0.
Image Slide, resetting cooldowns for all other skills.

Proc: 1.
CD: 8s.
Image Shoot a rapid hail of lunar bullets, crippling and dealing 300% damage per bullet.

[Ranged] [LeftHanded]
Proc: 0.2.
CD: 1s.
Teleport Image Teleport to the target and generate a shockwave on arrival that stuns enemies,
dealing 600% damage in a radius.

[Melee] [Decay]
Stocks: 2.
Proc: 1.
CD: 5s.
Laser Image Hold the button to charge a laser which, when released, deals 400% damage.
Damage and radius scales with charge duration.

[Ranged] [LeftHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD: 5s.
Image Hold the button down to constantly summon nullifier bombs on the target,
dealing 200% damage per bomb.

[Ranged] [RightHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD: 1s.
Image Shoot an acid shotgun infront of you for 5x400% damage,
leaving an acid puddle on the ground.

[Melee] [RightHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD: 4s.
Image Hold the button to summon a miniature sun.
Sprinting or letting go of the button cancels the skill.

CD: 12s.
Image Shoot 5 hooks sequentially, pulling enemies and dealing 300% per hook.

[Ranged] [LeftHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD: 4s.
Image For 4 seconds, your attacks tar, gain 10% lifesteal and 50% attackspeed.
Additional uses adds to the current duration.

CD: 8s.
Image Summon a large anti-gravity array. After a delay, it explodes,
launching enemies and dealing 400% damage.

Proc: 1.
CD: 10s.
Beam Image Hold the button to shoot a devastating beam,
piercing and dealing 200% damage per tick.
The beam explodes on hit, dealing 200% damage to nearby enemies.

[Ranged] [RightHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD: 1s.
Image Shoot 2x8 homing missiles, dealing 100% damage per missile.

[Ranged] [RightHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD: 6s.
Image Throw 3 thqwibs that activate On-Kill effects and deal 400% damage each.

[Ranged] [RightHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD: 7s.
Elementality Image Stealing Artificer's quirk grants Elementality- granting 3 elemental attacks.
After using the skill, cycle to the next element.
Fire -> Ice -> Lightning.
Image Burn all enemies in front of you for 1500% damage.
Cycle to Elementality: Ice.

[Ranged] [LeftHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD : 6s
Image Create a barrier that freezes enemies for 100% damage.
Cycle to Elementality: Lightning.

[Ranged] [LeftHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD : 4s
Image Charge up an exploding nano-bomb that deals 400%-1200% damage.
Cycle to Elementality: Fire.

[Ranged] [LeftHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD : 4s
Lights Out Image Cloak yourself for 3 seconds and ready a shot while holding the button.
Release to fire the shot for 300% damage.
Kills reset all your cooldowns.

[Ranged] [RightHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD : 4s
Turret Image Place a turret that inherits all your items. Fires a cannon for 100% damage.
Can place up to 2.

CD : 45s
Flurry Image Fire 3 seeking arrows at the target for 3x100% damage.
Critical strikes fire 6 arrows.

[Ranged] [RightHanded]
Proc: 0.7.
CD : 0s
Eviscerate Image Target the nearest enemy, attacking them for 100% damage repeatedly.
You cannot be hit for the duration.

[Melee] [LeftHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD : 6s
Image Adopt a stance and gain 100 armor, 2x attackspeed but have 0.4x movespeed.

Proc: 1.
CD : 1s
Image Hold to ready a freezing, piercing round.
Release to fire the round for 1500% damage.

[Ranged] [LeftHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD : 10s
Image Costs 10% health.
Launch a mortar into the sky for 400% damage.

[Ranged] [LeftHanded]
Proc: 1.
CD : 0.5s
Cleanse Image Disappear into the Void, cleansing all debuffs.

CD : 5s

Passive Skills

Passive Quirk User Description
Barrier Gain a barrier that blocks the next attack.
Recharges after 10 seconds.
Gain 1.5x Damage.
All [Melee] attacks deal 1.5x damage.

Gain 4 extra jumps and jump power.

Gain 1.5x movespeed.
Gain 1.5x sprint speed.

Gain spikes that deal 150% damage to those around you when you're hit.

[Melee] [Decay]
Release an Acidic blast when jumping or landing.
Scales based off jump power.

[Melee] [Jump] [Decay]
Gain 1.5x Damage.
All [Ranged] attacks deal 1.5x damage.

At <50% health, periodically release a lunar blaze.
The lunar blaze does 100% damage per tick to enemies on the ground.

Mortar While standing still, attack nearby enemies for 100% damage and
gain 1 armor every 1/(Attackspeed) second(s).
Radius and Damage scales with armor and attackspeed.

Heal yourself and nearby allies 5% health every second.

While holding any skill button, gain 2% attack speed per second.
While standing still, attack nearby enemies for 100% damage and
gain 0.05 attackspeed every 1/(CurrentArmor/BaseArmor) second(s).
Radius and Damage scales with armor and attackspeed.

Gravity While moving, Pull nearby enemies and deal 100% damage.
The gap between attacks scales with movespeed.

Bleed Attacks apply Bleed.

Gain 10 armor and flat damage reduction equal to your armor.
Take no knockback from attacks.
At <50% health, damage can be reduced below zero and heal you.

Burn nearby enemies for 150% damage every 1/Attackspeed seconds.
Summon lightning bolts on nearby enemies for
500% damage every 1/Attackspeed seconds.
When striking an enemy for >= 400% damage,
Create a Nova explosion that stuns and deals 700% damage.
Poison Image Attacks apply Poison.

Image All attacks hit twice, dealing 10% damage of the attack,
with a proc coefficient of 1.
Image Passively gain Microbots that shoot down nearby enemy projectiles.
Drones are also given Microbots.
Image Gain 5% of your max health as barrier
and 1.5x damage on all [Melee] attacks.



Armor = 10 + 0.5 per level
Damage = 5 + 1 per level
Regen = 1 + 0.2 per level
Health = 141 + 41 per level
Movespeed = 7

These stats are prone to change.


Click to expand previous patch notes:
  • 1.1.4
    • Fixed quirk resetting to properly reset the quirk next stage.
    • Known issue, non-hosts can spawn the elite aspect but not pick them up.
  • 1.1.3
    • Fixed multiplier giving every buff(again).
    • Possibly fixed multiplayer non-hosts having AFO work with them.
  • 1.1.2
    • Fixed fps lag from future runs and current runs(Hopefully).
    • Buffs carry over on respawn/next stage instead of needing to reactivate the skill.
  • 1.1.1
    • Hopefully fixed decay buff spreading causing freezing/lag.
    • Added an impact effect for Decay primary as well as when the buff spreads.
  • 1.1.0
    • Added All Survivor Quirks! (except heretic)
    • Added Elder lemurian's skill (forgot about it oops)- Fire blast.
    • Fixed right handed animations not playing.
    • Fixed beetle buff not increasing melee attack damage.
    • Fixed readme missing stats info for actives.
    • Balance changes/Reworks:
      • You can now hold AFO for 3 seconds and it will remove your current passive and quirk that matches the button pressed for.
      • Improved Aircannon speed and movement.
      • Buffed decay to now add one stack and also spread every 6 seconds. The damage is also done in 1 second intervals instead, the damage now deals either the greater of 50% of the ENEMY'S damage or 0.5% of their maximum HP per stack.
      • Impboss bleed buff now affects every attack, Acrid's poison buff works like this as well.
      • Reworked a few quirks as they were not that exciting, and served not too much purpose currently, simply different projectiles which didn't have many unique effects.
        • Greater wisp now grants a buff that makes attacks explode for 50% of the damage.
        • Clay dunestrider now grants a buff that gives 10% lifesteal and 1.5x attackspeed.
        • Solus probe quirk changed as glide felt a bit unintuitive to use, now it grants attackspeed as you hold down any button every second.
  • 1.0.9
    • Fixed bug where jumping disabled air control until collision.
    • Balance changes:
      • Nerfed stone golem damage 600% -> 400%.
      • Nerfed Strength and Ranged specific boosts 2x -> 1.5x.
  • 1.0.8
    • Added separate handless skin.
    • Fixed bug on not carrying over passives through levels.
  • 1.0.7
    • Oops multiplier applied all buffs.
  • 1.0.6
    • Forgot to mention fix for blind vermin passive breaking.
  • 1.0.5
    • CustomEmotesAPI compatibility added
    • Added an icon for the default skin
    • Optimised AFO code
    • Buff acquisition optimised and a lot faster now
    • Fixed gup being set as an active skill rather than extra skill
  • 1.0.4
    • Fixed errors when entering a new stage
    • Added back different buff icons
    • Multiplier now doesn't get taken away on DoT damage such as decay
      • Melee attacks are now easier to trigger the triple decay effect due to this
    • Bullet Laser now works
    • Improved AFO passive logic, should be quicker to receive the buff now
    • Mentioned that AFO can grab elite equipment
    • Smoother animations
    • Added new config so you have to hold the button for 1 second before stealing a quirk.
  • 1.0.3
    • buff icons not loading so for now everything is warcry buff icon
  • 1.0.1
    • hotfix dependency
  • 1.0.0
    • Release.
  • rest of changelog on github

Future plans

More quirks


HenryMod for the template.

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2022-6-25 1.1.4 5168 Version 1.1.4 Install
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2022-5-12 1.0.2 66 Version 1.0.2 Install
2022-5-12 1.0.1 68 Version 1.0.1 Install
2022-5-12 1.0.0 251 Version 1.0.0 Install