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More enemy variety. Prismatic Trials+. Slightly Faster Interactables, and some other stuff

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This mod requires the following mods to function

bbepis-BepInExPack-5.4.9 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.9
RiskofThunder-HookGenPatcher-1.2.1 icon

MMHOOK generation at runtime.

Preferred version: 1.2.1
tristanmcpherson-R2API-5.0.5 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 5.0.5



A couple enemies have been moved or replaced to encourage enemy diversity.
Grovetender will replace Stone Titan in Sundered Grove and Bighorn Bison spawn in Snowy Forest as examples.

Every stage will have at least 1 enemy addition on loops.

Adds Clay, Solus, Parent, Worms and Vermin Family Events and cleans up Family variety for more diversity.
The Gup family event now spawns Geep and Gip too. Family events are now a 1/40 instead of 1/50 chance.

Scavengers will be given more items depending on how "advanced" the Scavenger is. (ie Elites will be given good amount more items)
Scavengers can be encountered as bosses and will be given 2 of a Boss Item.

Adds 3 new Twisted Scavengers.

The Aquaduct Elder Lemurians now activate their Bands and scale with difficulty.

Healing Cores from Mending Elites now use ambient level and start with invulnerability

Equipment Drones use their Equipment when targeting you so they can still use it when no enemies are around.


Faster Interactables : Printers, Scrappers and Shrines take less time between uses.

Rare Mili Multi Shop.

Rare Printers and Cleansing Pools are made more common to give them more spotlight.

Only one type of Small Category Chest per stage as there's only 1 Large Category Chest normally.

Plains/Roost and Sirens/Grove get more interactable credits to even them out against Siphoned/Abyssal.
Makes Shrine of Blood, Combat, Order, Healing, Lunar Chest, Void Potential, Tc280 cost less to spawn.

Primordial Teleporter will always have a Purple Orb to Void Locust.
Deep Void Signal now takes 50 seconds instead of 60.

Red to White Cauldrons now grant 5 White items instead of 3.
Shrine of Blood reward now scales with time.
Shrine of Woods price reduced from 25/37/55 to 10/13/18/25.
Gunner Turret price reduced from 35 to 25.
TC280 price reduced from 350 to 300.


Elite Equipment have a 1/1500 chance of dropping.
Elite Equipment make your minions elites.

Squid Polyp Turrets now count as Mechanical.

Wake of Vultures can now steal the Voidtouched elite type.
Laser Scope now grants +10% crit chance on first stack.

Boss items are now a 25% chance to drop from a teleporter instead of 15%
Defense Nucleus Constructs are given Wake of Vultures

Beads of Fealty now stacks by spawning one extra Twisted Scavenger for each Beads.
All of them will drop a Backpack.

Focused Convergence is uncapped but can't shrink the radius so far that it becomes unplayable.

Eulogy Zero adds a 10 (+5) chance to replace a elite with a Perfected elite.

The Void Elite Aspect is now able to drop.


Captain keeps his abilities in Hidden Realms

Huntress will now use 2 Ballistas for 6 Shots per cast if you have two from Lysate Cell.

Acrid is invulnerable during his spawn animation.

Commando is invulnerable during his default roll.

Engineer Turrets inherit Warbanner.

Prismatic Trials

Prismatic Trial is now available with changes and fixes it for multiplayer use.

Default settings are a remixed version of Prismatic Trials:
-Choose your own Artifacts
-Stages progress in Order
-Doesn't end by default
-Bosses get elite equipment starting stage 4
-Forced Elites can be any elite instead of just Overloading/Blazing
-Stage 4/5 require more crystals to be broken
-Crystals cash reward scales with time.

You can still enable default Prismatic settings or random stage order if you want.


Items teleport up if they fall off the map.

The Bazaar has a third Lunar Seer.

Fixes vanilla bug where Twisted Scavengers don't scale in multiplayer.

Report bugs to @Wolfo.wolfo in the Risk of Rain 2 discord or RoR2 Modding discord.
If you're reporting a bug that isn't something obvious include the log file.

Every player needs this mod installed.
Most things are configuerable.

Also download my other mods:
WolfoQualityOfLife for many visual improvements and general Quality of Life.
SimulacrumAdditions for a better Simulacrum (This mod was originally part of this mod).
VanillaArtifactsPlus for updated vanilla artifacts.
WolfoArtifacts for some fun extra Artifacts.

And other fitting item mods i'd recommend.
LunarSoap A speed up lunar item.
AegisRemovesBarrierDecay The only good Aegis buff.
HuntersHarpoonReturns Deserves the RoR:Returns buffs
KnurlBuff Deserves the RoR:Returns buffs
LeechingSeedBuff Epic Leech seed buff


-Quabquab spawns Gummy Quabquabs more often.
-Gummy Quabquabs no longer recieve Goobo Jr.
-Fixed vanilla bug where Twisted Scav encounter always scaled as 0 players.

-Removed Skins
--Moved to SimulacrumAddtions as rewards

-Attempt 3 to fix Prismatic Crystals Client.
(Previous fix was also internet connection dependent so it didn't work)
-Option to nerf Voidling (40% less damage, 20/10% less health for phase 1/2) (Default false)
-Prismatic Final bosses will get less damage if Fire/Lightning/Voidtouched.

-Prismatic Trial :\
--Moved client fix later so that it hopefully works all the time now.\
--All bosses won't be the same elite per stage anymore.\
--TP radius will now have correct radius on clients.  
-Buffed Quabquab

-Fixed Third Lunar Seer spawning improperly on clients.
-Gave Kjarao/Runald more HP
-Scavengers will be less common as a boss
-Twisted Scavengers won't be elite anymore during a Prismatic Trial
-Twisted Scavengers are now immune to Void Implosions like other final bosses
-Removed SimulacrumAdditions as a dependency.

Fix RedToWhite Cauldron dropping bonus 3 times leading to 9 items instead of 5.  
Decorational Gold Shrines no longer show their icon.
Healing Core now starts with some invulnerability

Fix for Risky Mod as we both edit spawn pools  

v2.5.0 - Cleanup && Mod Split   
-Made Simulacrum Tweaks it's own mod  
--Added that mod as a dependecy for now so Mod should be automatically downloaded  
-Moved GameplayQoL from WolfoQoL to here.  
--Third Lunar Seer  
--Slightly Faster Interactables  
-Prismatic Trial as proper gamemode  
--You can choose modifiers/artifacts now  
--As the default is a endless, stages in order gamemode, various things are adjusted to fit more with that  
-Red Multishop  
-3 New twisted scavs  
-Gilded Coast now spawns with some shrines  
-Worms Family  
-Elite Scavs get more items  
-More Mountains  
-More Void Locust Portals  
-Shorter Deep Void Signal  
-Worm on Meadow  
-Lamps on Loop Shipgrave  
-Married Elder Lemurian scale now  
-Married Elders activate Bands  
-Laser Scope grants +10 Crit on first stack  
-Defense Nucleus Constructs gets Wake of Wultures  
-Invulnerable Commando Roll