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That one mod that gives Oni Merc a red sword and effects. Updates Acrid Blight and REX vines too. Visual and Information Quality of Life for the game.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

bbepis-BepInExPack-5.4.9 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.9
RiskofThunder-HookGenPatcher-1.2.1 icon

MMHOOK generation at runtime.

Preferred version: 1.2.1
tristanmcpherson-R2API-5.0.5 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 5.0.5



Mercenaries Oni Skin now uses a red sword and red particle effects for his attacks.\

Acrids attacks now have a different coloration if you use blight.

REX's vines when moving and petal effects now match his skin.

Fixes Engineers Alt Skin Turrets looking wrong. (improper glow)

Lunar/Elite Equipment, Void White/Red/Boss, Lunar Coins now use their own color.
Adds colored highlights for Tiers that were using the default one and Equipment.

Elite Brass Contraptions projectiles match their color.

Geysers in Sulfur Pools and Abyssal Depths have different fluid color to match their environment.

Added Perfected Elite displays for all enemies that were missing it.

Readds the old large chunky printer Model for Uncommon and Mili Tech Printers.

Image of Visual changes

More Icons

Image of Ping Icons\

A Unique Ping Icon for the vast majority of Interactables.

Many visual buff icons to convey more information.
How many Feather Jumps you have left, Headstomper Cooldown and Freeze duration as the important ones.
Best used with BetterUI.
Also recolors some buff icons because they looked the same as others yet had different effects.

Consumed Keys item like how there's consumed Elixir/Watches.

New Icon for Engineer Walker Turrets, Empathy Cores.


A updated Death Screen showing what Equipment you used, Elite Prefix of the killer included in their name, the Inventory of the enemy that killed you or the enemy items of the run.

When you die a more detailed death message is shown to everyone

A reminder to open your Lockbox and Shipping Terminal will be added to your objectives.
Reminders for Portals are also added.

Messages upon losing items to Printing/Cauldron/Cleansing. (Global)
Messages for Void Upgrades and Egocentrism. (Private)
Item names will be colored in pings.
Pings last twice as long.

Equipment name will be shown under Equipment Drones name

For each activated Mountain Shrine a mountain shrine symbol will be displayed

Fixed many wrong descriptions.

A Cost Hologram for the Cleansing Shrines, Lockboxes, Lunar Recycler and Broken Rex as they Lacked one.
A Charge/Position Indicator for Void Field Cell events so you can see the charge percentage when active.

Elite Aspects, Geep, Gip, Twisted Scav, Newt and Malachite Urchin show up in the Logbook.
Changes the name of Lunar Chimera to include their type.
Adds a description for Aspects, Fuel Array, Tonic Afflictions (and many unused items) so it doesn't show a blank one with UI mods.

The Void and Limbo ending now have their own coloration/text.

Lunar Seers include their destination when pinged and in the purchase context.

Image of various features

Image of Expanded Death Screen


Scavenger in the main menu is back.
Main Menu theme now changes randomly.
Fixes Run History deleting wrong runs.

More "tp like" structures get flowers if you have Lepton Daisy.
Captains Shock Beacon now has a range indicator.
Scavengers play a sound when spawning.
Sprinting UI is slightly different to support charge attacks.
Void Fiends Mouse2 now has a crosshair response like other charging attacks.
Void Allies have cyan eyes for easier identification.

When winning a chat message will be displayed of the characters win quote.

Report bugs to @Wolfo.wolfo in the Risk of Rain 2 discord or RoR2 Modding discord.
If you're reporting a bug that isn't something obvious include the log file.

No, i'm not making the mod client side.
Every player needs this mod installed.

A lot of things are configurable. If you feel something should be configurable yet it isn't you can suggest it to me.

Also download my other mods:
SimulacrumAdditions for a better Simulacrum.
LittleGameplayTweaks more enemy variety and some small changes.
VanillaArtifactsPlus for updated vanilla artifacts.
WolfoArtifacts for some fun extra Artifacts.

Mods to Not use alongside this one

This mod already does what those mods do in a different way so they become kind of redundant.
There shouldn't be any compatibility issues if you use both but I still don't recommend it.


v2.5.8 - Fixed storepage image being gone due to Discord.
-Gave Void allies cyan eyes for easier identifaction.
-Made Stomp/Freeze buff not get added when Risky Mod is loaded as they add their own.

More various fixes for minor network oddities. (Equipment Drone names, Shock Beacon visible Radius)
-Moved backup Blue Sword Oni Merc to the end of the skin list and added config to disable it.
-Fixed an issue with mods using red merc effects.
Attempted fix for vanilla bug where Multishops would sometimes look closed for clients.

Removed buff order manipulator because it seemed to cause issues for people.

Fixed Blight Contagious Trail not being Blight colored on Clients
More ExpandedDeathScreen fixes
Loader Pylon will match the skins color again
//Moved Opal Cooldown buff next to Opal Ready//

Added missing saftey check related to feather buff which could cause desyncs

SimuAddtions Red Merc support
ReAdded Scrapping messages cuz I like much info. (configurable of course)
Lunar Coin amount backdrop is blue instead of pink

-Should be more consistent on Clients : 
--Equipment Drone with Equipment Names
--Portal Reminder messages 
--Feather buffs being not properly synced

Fixed Brass Balls not getting elite skins on clients
Fixed Expanded Death Info not working in multiplayer when dying multiple times throughout a run.
Fixed Blight Acid Pool being a wrong projectile if used by Clients.
Elite Equipment won't be in the logbook if ZetAspects is enabled.

Fix Text config not working.  
HistoryFix compatibility.   
(This mod does what that mod does anyways so i'm not sure why you'd have both)  
Watch message again and VV watch message.  
Loader hook fist changes with skin again.    

v2.5.0 - Cleanup  
-IL Code hopefully making it cleaner  
-Networking fixes  
--Messages are now subjected  
--Sometimes random stuff like Lockboxes having messed up visuals  
--Killer Inventory  
--Treasure Reminders  
--Red Merc Expose  
--Feather Buff not working on Clients   
--Extra Mountain Icons  
-Main Menu theme randomizer
-Death Messages are now one color and show up before the normal death message  
-Shield/Opal cooldown buffs won't show up on enemies  
-Abyssal Geyser  
-Void Highlights  
-Updated Printer Icons  
-Item Names Colored in Pings  
-Mod Support for SpikeStrip, Starstorm and VanillaVoids  
-Removed Goo River in Aquaduct  
-Removed Vagrant Predictor  
-Moved GameplayQoL to LittleGameplayTweaks  
--Slightly Faster Interactables   
--Married Elders using Bands  
--Prismatic Trial stuff   
--Random tiny bits