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OutHard Gameplay Overhaul

New trainers, items, mechanics and skills to make your outward coop gameplay more challenging and immersive.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

sinai-dev-SideLoader-3.8.4 icon

API and Mod Development Toolkit for Outward.

Preferred version: 3.8.4
BepInEx-BepInExPack_Outward-5.4.19 icon

BepInEx pack for Outward.

Preferred version: 5.4.19
SLExtendedEffects-SideLoader_ExtendedEffects-1.2.4 icon

Adds a collection of custom SL_Effect behaviours for use with SideLoader.

Preferred version: 1.2.4
sinai-dev-PvP-3.1.0 icon

A mod for PvP in Outward. Friendly Fire/Targeting mode, Deathmatch, etc.

Preferred version: 3.1.0
sinai-dev-Blacksmiths_Toolbox-2.6.0 icon

Allows you to repair items while adventuring with a Toolbox item.

Preferred version: 2.6.0
SpicerXD-Raid_Mode-4.2.3 icon

Raid Mode let's you play with all your friends and improves the co-op experience! <3

Preferred version: 4.2.3


OutHard gameplay overhaul

Whats is this mod?

This mod overhauls the trainers' Skilltrees, making them more specialized and geared towards a fluid and challenging co-op gameplay, as well as inviting the player to meet new trainers to increase their arsenal of tactics and improve the playing experience.

What has changed?

The focus of this mod is to make the experience of playing outward with friends more fun and challenging, from drastic changes to the skills and mechanics of the vanilla game to the addition of new mechanics through new skills and trainers. expect a new adventure where you and your allies must specialize and become powerful together to face the dangers of Aurai.

what's next?

I'll always be looking for ways to make gameplay more fun and challenging by adding new trainers and skills whenever I have the time/creativity and as far as possible keep it all well tied and balanced.

Future plans

More balance, trainers, items, skills and ways to make your group's life more miserable :)


To report any bugs join Outward modding community on Discord.

Hall of legends

Emo, the Dark weaver of coding, without your guidance and help in coding this mod none of this would have happened.

Gnarly, Malzatra and PraxiBee, loyal companions who helped forge this mod through exhaustive testing and fierce patience as they listened to my changes and bullshist during the process.

Sinai, I never got to know him, but his knowledge and service to the outward community echo to this days encouraging new moders to do new work. rest in peace legend, wherever you are.

StormCancer and IggyTheMad, Noble mentors who instructed me in the dark and twisted paths of outward modding, without their insigts and knowledge none of this would have happened.


Whats New:

This mod is part of a mod pack that I've been idealizing for a while. Due to the limitations of R2modman, I wasn't able to upload it completely with all the other mods and configurations I had in mind, but thanks to the Outward modding community on discord, I'm able to make it available for download there in the #Modpacks section.


The trainers have been reformulated to provide more focused choices in their niches and offer a range of new possibilities for builds. explore, search, discover... maybe old friends have something new to say.


Outward magic has always been surrounded by ritualism and mystery, precise procedures that generate fantastic results... no spoilers here my friend... explore the world of aurai to reveal its secrets.


Combat is deadlier than ever, with the additions of TrueHardcore, PvP and the vheos mod pack you and your allies should be much more prepared and cautious when facing any enemy.


Survival has become more difficult... silver is harder to come by, the cost of repairing and maintaining equipment and the knowledge to obtain it has become more significant. you will no longer be able to eat, drink and sleep to maintain buffs at all times because your satiety will have a much greater impact on gameplay.


No more wiki or knowledge of higher deities my friend, learn the recipes and craft your items and equipment. ignored recipes and hungry vendors await you... not every dirty pleb can get his hands on that great life potion. don't worry though, new tools and ways to get items have been added to make your life less miserable... AH!! there's also a gift from your ancestors, a powerful elixir that can make you turn back from poor choices... at a price.

what to do?:

  • Once you've created your character, you'll be in the between; by talking to the spirit guides, you'll be able to choose how your new life will begin.

  • the Raid mod settings allow up to 10 allies to join you on your adventure, from the moment you select your start your friends can join you. but beware, the more players are online in the session the more difficult the enemies will be.

  • LEAVE FRIENDFIRE MODE ON!!! seriously, most of the abilities in this modpack have been designed to work with friendfire on, leaving it off can lead to bugs and malfunctions.

  • You'll notice that when you create your character you'll receive new recipes and unique skills and as soon as you select your new start you'll receive skills related to that start.

  • This modpack has been tested and "balanced" taking into account only the mods that you will find on the modpacks page of the community discord. For this reason and because I don't have the time for it, I will only be offering support for problems related to the mods contained in this modpack.